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Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2019

An Apology Letter

as i entered the world of public school, i had no idea what to expect.
before then- i never got the choice to wear anything
other than a scratchy, plaid jumper
    with gym shorts underneath
        to hide my panties from the boys.

even in the fourth grade-
    the shorter your shorts, the more popular you were.
as a kid, i wore brown swim trunks paired with a tankini top;
    i performed front flips off the 14 foot high-dive.
the nuns running Saint Mary’s Summer Camp never failed to remind me of my role as a female-
    let’s not try to show off too much;
        leave the flips and tricks to the boys- you can come watch with me.
my eight-year-old self quickly began studying what a girl should look like:
    you must dress for your body,
        and remember, it is the boys you’re trying to impress.
the high tones of Sister Anne echoed in my ears
    as the water...