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I love acting, creative writing, listening to music, and pretending I can draw.

Everyone should read this piece by the ever talented A Breath Into Silence:

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Sometimes what's meant to break you, makes you brave.
- Janice (Mean Girls the Musical)

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Hey I know it's been a while I don't know if people remember me, but I promised a lot of you reviews for helping me with themes for my story, and I also left a contest un-judged. I want to apologize for not getting to those in a time that they were expected but after I wrote my little "I'll be back in one week" thing some more things happened- some great, some not so great- and I needed to...

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Little Announcement


Hi folks!

Some stuff has happened (nothing to worry about) so I haven't been on here for quite some time, but things should sort themselves out pretty soon and when they do everyone who I said I'd do a review for and the winners of my first contest will start getting their reviews/will be announced. Sorry about the delay with all that, I expect to be back reviewing and writing sometime next week.

- Lovegood_24

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