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The Little Elephant

PROMPT: Writing for Children Competition 2020

There once was an elephant
Who started out small.
She was quiet and gentle
And admired by all. 

She loved to eat pears
And ride bikes in the park,
For her life was easy
From sunrise to dark.

But as the little elephant
Learned, laughed, and played,
She started to grow--
Getting bigger each day.

Soon enough, her bike
And old toys were outgrown.
So she went off to school
To seek the unknown.

At a desk, she was challenged ...

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Dodger Blues

PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2019

I want my first date to be at Dodger Stadium. 
I want to be picked up in his dad's car close to 5 on a Friday night.
I want to sit in the passenger seat as we drive down Vin Scully Avenue.
I want to hold his hand nervously as we climb the mountain of stairs to the top deck.
I want to buy overpriced stadium food so that we can scarf it down while Turner is up to bat.  ...
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