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The Age of Fear

I have been on this Earth for 17 years to this point,
School. Work. Sleep. Repeat.
I see the same people every single day,
Live the same repetitive routine.
Nothing ever changes... until I think about the future.
The time when I get to leave this little town and see the world.
Meet new people,
See new things,
Actually experience the world.
The future and all it contains beckons my name,
yet there is something inside of me that is scared.
What if I don't fit in?
What if I can't find friends?
What if....?
But what if I live the life I have always wanted to live?
A life full of adventure, success, and happiness.
And then I realize that the fear is worth the change,
Because at the age of 17,
All I need and want is a little change. 


Why Am I Worth Less?

For days upon end, the only thing that filled my mind was whether I was ever going to eat.
The pain that crushed my chest every time I think about my house that was gone didn't seem to matter.
No more toys, no more books, no more happiness.
Everything seemed to fade...
The sounds of my mother crying no longer filled my ears
Now only Allah could hear my sister's laugh
The thunderous sounds of bombs that previously made me cry, no longer shook me with fear. 
Smoke and debris is all I can see
I feel so unwanted, almost as if I could blow away with the smoke, and no one would care. 
Why don't they help us?
Why don't they care?
They leave us here and treat us like trash
They call us names
They care for the kids with light skin from other countries by not us...
They treat us like we are...

Op-ed Competition 2016

When is it ok to grade a teacher?

Every parent dreams that their child will be born some sort of a prodigy that brings home straight A’s and grows up to become an astrophysicist or neurosurgeon, but this often isn’t the case. The grades a student receives in high school often paves their road towards either success or failure, which really puts a lot of stress on not only the student but also those who are teaching them, or so you would think. When a child fails a class, naturally one would put the blame on the student for not knowing and practicing the topic that they were being tested on, but what if they were never properly taught? This brings forward the question: What if teachers aren’t properly doing their jobs and what can we do about it?
We’ve all had that teacher that seems to fulfill our learning criteria perfectly and makes us feel as if we’ll pass every single test that they throw at us....