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    It seems like it was just yesterday, sitting in a classroom full of other 6th graders waiting for the bell to ring. Im at a point in my life that has always been a symbol of freedom. At 18 there are more opportunities for me now then when I was much younger. At 12 I imagined being 18, seeing how much I would change and mature throughout the years. When 14 years came around I imagined my graduation only being 4 short years away. I would imagine the years slowly passing me by as freshman, sophomore, and junior year comes along. At the age of 16 I was restless to finally be able to drive and gradually expand my world. I thought of 18 being 2 years away and would reflect on the years that went by. Now at 18 I realize that the freedom I so dreamed of is not all its cracked up to be. The...

Op-ed Competition 2016

Truth About Online Writing.

    The stories date back to ancient Babylonian times, Sharrukin the 2nd made a peace treaty with the native lifeforms. Following the agreements of the treaty the lifeforms left the earth and only remained in contact with the world leaders of today. The leaders of our country and the world have been hiding the truth from the American people, that everything they know and love is a lie. Fabricated by the corporations that are in charge of running our government, the remainder of this paper will outline exactly what happens behind closed inner dimensional doors. 
    July 1947, a small town of Roswell, New Mexico is lit up following the crash landing of a mysterious object. Townsfolk investigated the situation only to find that men in suits and big black vehicles have already quarantined the site. The only question I have for those officials of D.C. is "How did those men get there so fast?" Has no one ever wondered...