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I like to think of myself as an old leather journal, with thick pages that have dark ink scribbled all over them. There are lines through entire pages, and ink blots where great ideas have flowed. Yet all the same I am someone to cherish, to remember

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"But here is the truth of nostalgia: we don't feel it for who we were, but who we weren't. We feel it for all the possibilities that were open for us, but that we didn't take."
-Welcome to Night Vale

Peer Reviews

Identity in Sports

PROMPT: Op-Ed Competition 2017

I suggest weaving additional stories of trans athletes into your Op-Ed. How many are there? Is this a common occurrence? A bulk of your Op-Ed is regulation, and is some times repetitive. I feel adding more depth to your stance through appealing to the emotions of your reader, and talking about what it means to transgender student athletes could help retain the length, and cut back on repetition. I also suggest looking into adding transitional phrases at the beginnings of your paragraphs. While what you have works well, when read there are parts where it may come off as a little bland. I suggest reading it out loud to yourself, and maybe even pretending that you are giving it as a speech. Ask yourself "what should I add here so that the words flow better." If you have any other questions feel free to message me! Overall I really love your piece

about 4 years

Non Compos Mentis

PROMPT: Six-Word Memoir

I love it. I had to read it a couple of times to let it sink in, and even now I find myself reading it again and again.

over 5 years

Pixar's Innovative Inside Out is Worth the Emotional Journey

PROMPT: Film Review Competition 2016

One suggestion is to add any critiques you have about the movie. The review feels very positive and I wonder if there were any aspects of the movie you did not enjoy.

over 5 years

Journey of Self-discovery to Get the Crown and Save the Town and Mr. Krabs

PROMPT: Film Review Competition 2016

Since the movie is such a comedy, I think it is important that your movie review be slightly more serious. I don't want it to come off as a joke (even if it was meant to). I think it is possible to write a film review of the spongebob movie that has wit but is still serious. I believe if you can accomplish that, it will show much stronger writing skills.

over 5 years

Star Wars Episode VII: The Fans Awaken

PROMPT: Film Review Competition 2016

Many people feared that Disney would ruin the movie. Maybe talk about the changes (or lack of changes) between the production companies.

over 5 years