Published Work

Fantasy Writing Competition 2019


I discovered I wasn't behaving as expected. I should've been screaming, freaking out, scared, frightened, nervous specially after finding out that I'm a magii, that magic existed and I was kidnapped by someone called 'Dark lord'  but I was so calm. No tension, no freaking out, nothing. I was sitting calmly looking at the spooky environment outside and taking in the information. It was a lot to take in.

There must be some way to get out of these, there had to be. Suddenly it a thought crossed my head, 'we were powerful magiies, more powerful than anyone would be', she told it. And if we were most powerful then no power could stop us from getting away.

I asked her if we could get out of here by any means,like breaking the glass. But she said we can't, she tried to get out but it was of no use.I sighed. But I can try once there isn't any...

Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2019

School Days

At the age of four I was left alone,
In a new home to learn more.

Learning was my priority but I also did something else,
I made a new family whom I loved more than myself.

I trusted them with all my heart,
But the broke it with just a simple task.
They made new friends to enjoy more,
Leaving me to cry alone.

I was broken like a scattered piece of glass,
Promised myself to never again trust.

Soon enough the promise was broken,
As soon as two angels were given.

I feared that they would leave me in a year,
But we are still best friends even after years.

They removed my fear by not leaving my side,
Even after knowing the worst of mine.

I was a silent bird, they made me the chirpy one,
They taught me to trust people,
Which made me like I was before.

They made my life better than it was...

Open Prompt

Love Finds It's Way

This is a love story. A love story unlike other love stories. A love story that never completed in this world. A love story of two lovers whose love would have never been accepted by their families. A love story that shows us that nothing matters in loveA love story of two bodies who couldn't be one soul in this world. But there is another world which is far away from this world, which is high above the sky, which is beautiful. In that world you are allowed to love without any restrictions. And as their love was true God let them complete their love story in that world. This is the love story of Kartik and Naira.
Their story started some 10 years ago.In a birthday party. It was Naira's Birthday Party. She was celebrating her birthday with her friends and classmates.
Kartik reads in the same class as Naira, they were classmates. So, as her classmate Kartik...