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The Gender Wage Gap - And Why I Believe It Needs To Be Closed

             The Gender Wage Gap - And Why It Needs to Be Closed
    “The difference between the amounts of money paid to women and men, often for doing the same work -- This is known to many as the controversial gender wage gap (Cambridge English Dictionary). The gender wage gap is known to be present in a long list of countries, and ranking among others is the United States. In the US, year after year, a large portion of women are consistently paid less than men for performing the exact same job, regardless of having similar credentials and exhibiting knowledge about their field. In order to eliminate the physical and psychological tolls inflicted upon women facing this disparity in pay, we need to close the gender wage gap and promote equal pay and treatment in the job industry.
In a world where 12.7  percent of Americans live below the poverty line (Semega,...