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Setting as Mood

Trapped in a Brick & Concrete World

    She knew that it was impossible to leave. The concrete wall lifted nearly seventy feet, casting a dark shadow over the city's streets. Plants reaching upward lined the wall, their leaves dead and dry as if they had died trying to escape. People hardly left their houses at all, and anyone who did go out walked quickly and urgently, their identities concealed by dark sunglasses and untrustworthy glances. Cracked pavement painted the ground and the buildings had been drained of color with the only shades available being brick and grey. Although some structures were so large they even towered over the wall, they seemed to slouch as if all of the pride had been beaten out of them by the hand of an abusive father. Gone was the time where the sky shone blue through the clouds and people roamed freely. The time when visitors came to witness the blooming of the cherry blossom trees in the spring and iceskate...

Improbable Flavor

The Taste of Love

Love tastes like a piece of dark chocolate, bitter but sweet at the same time. It overwhelms your tastebuds subtly making it so that you are unaware of the strong taste it will leave behind until after it is gone.