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Op-Ed Competition 2019

Being A Sikh in America

Being a Sikh in America
            Being a Sikh in a post 9/11 world hasn’t always been easy. Growing up, I didn’t always feel proud of my religion. Even now, I often find myself forced to choose between being a Sikh and being an American. Am I Sikh or am I American first?
            To this day, I remain one of the only Sikh students in my school. My brother was often bullied growing up because of his turban and faith. Passing through airport security, it seemed as though we were always “randomly selected”. More than 90% of the time we pass through TSA, my brother and dad are forced to take of their turbans and uncover their hair to everyone. This is an insult to a practicing Sikh. Last year, when the Sikh actor Waris Ahluwalia was put in a similar situation, he took a stance against it, demanding an apology from TSA. His experience as a Sikh...