Lady Trewlany

Hong Kong

a collection of scattered pieces that somehow fit together perfectly
in search of a great perhaps

Message from Writer

i miss everything that i've never had, and that's why i write. i write my story as it is today and as i want it to be tomorrow. there is always truth in my words.

Published Work

Idle Town

    Theo had always been the curious type. He used to spend hours laying in the fields around his house, gazing into the distance, letting the sun kiss his cheeks and the rain fall on his forehead. He carried an aura of wonder wherever he went, and if you got to know him well, you would find that a piece of him would nestle it’s way into your heart. Although he was quiet, his silence was buzzing with life. 
    Ever since he was a child, Theo vowed that he would leave his idle town and venture into the world beyond. He yearned to learn the secrets of the big city, to walk on smooth pavement instead of a dirt road, to smell the food wafting from the street vendor’s carts, to see the big neon signs illuminating the night. But for now all he could do was wait, and count the days until graduation.
    This particular day, Theo was...

When Will I Love Me Be Enough?

    You tell me he is the sun, the stars and the moon. You tell me he is your happiness, your golden hour, your baby. You run up to me and squeal with excitement when he invites you over. You hug me and grin from ear to ear when you reveal that you “did it.” You describe what it’s like to kiss him, the feel of his hair under your cold fingers, the taste of his breath and what cologne he wears.
    All this is wonderful. I love the way your eyes light up when you talk about him, and I love watching you fall deeper in love with him. It is everything I wanted for my best friend. But you have to know something. He is not your sun, your stars, your moon. He is not your happiness. Your crooked tooth grin and your fat, salty tears do not belong to him. Your emotions are entirely yours, controlled exclusively...

Ode to the Kid

Ode the kid who feels alone,
Ode the kid who you wants to die,
Ode to the kid who is forced to hide,
Ode to the kid who cries at night

Ode to the kid who is drowning
On dry land
Who gasps and gasps 
But still can’t catch their breath

Ode to the kid who forgets
The last time that they smiled
Because their whole world 
Has turned to darkness

Ode to the kid who thinks its their fault
That their parents fight
And that they deserve
To be ignored

Ode to all the kind
Caring, beautiful 
Kids who struggle
To see their worth

Ode to us depressed,
Lonely kids,
We are one.

Ode to the people we will
One day become
Ode to our bright future
And our dark past

Ode to smiles through tears
To fighting through pain
To brave souls that will not
Give up

Ode to saying
“I’m not ok”
To speaking your truth ...

The First Winter

New York, New York
Only the bright lights from every vessel of advertisement warm the the streets, and illuminate crushed black velvet skies. The day hides behind a billboard in Manhattan, sleeping, resting for a moment. Or an eternity for the middle-aged man huddled on the concrete steps, shivering even in his thick winter coat. Maybe he shivers of grief, or fear or purley from the cold. I’ll never know. 
Taxi exhaust fills the air, as the yellow bullets speed by, with drivers inside complaining about Uber and how no one takes the cab anymore. It’s raining, hard enough that it’s drumming on the silicone sheets covering construction sights echoes in my ears. A brown paper bag is blown about in the wind before finally attaching itself to the wheel of a car. It never has the opportunity to rest, passing famous attractions, the same people dressed in black and grey, their umbrellas much too big for one. Almost as...

My January

To me, January marks the anniversary of my zenith of pain and freedom. There is no snow in the streets, no bitter cold or fallen leaves. It’s always the same here, the seasons pass by quietly and no one bothers to notice when hot turns to warm turns to cold.
My January is soft, slow and deadly. Almost exactly a year ago I was ripped out of my nutshell of safety and my deepest secrets were put on show to the world. I was left broken, the hollow remains of my body barely clinging to my frail bones. There was a massive hole in my heart where life used to dwell. 
My January marked the beginning of the end. Slowly, I crumbled, falling apart day by day. No one, I thought, no one cared. Every shred of my worth was lost, taken away with the breeze to lands I would never know. Even the smallest, weakest creature was more alive...

Beyond Infinity

I sit by my window, staring into space, acknowledging that life is going on but not quite participating in it. I feel like I’m lost in a forest without a map, and I will never be able to make it out. I want to cry out every single shard of pain, so I can grasp the strength to get up and move on with life so that someone can hear my tears and understand that I’m broken.
    But I can’t.
    I feel everything and nothing at the same time. I feel the scorching blood-red flames of violence, the acidic blue raindrops of melancholy, the purple needles of stress, and so much more that I can’t find words for. This would all make sense if my tears had a real reason to fall, some gruesome tragedy that ripped my life apart. I don’t though. I’m just a normal teenager living in a normal city, with a normal life and...

Seasons of love

    Just as every story has a beginning, so did our ending. In fact I think it started to end from the moment we began. Every second after that was a combination of events leading to eventual breakdown. Every kiss, every I love you, every whispered secret, it was all leading to this. 
    I think back to when we met. It wasn’t really that long ago, although it feels like I have known you my whole life. I was desperate, dejected and stuck in a continuous cycle of self-destruction. I felt broken, like a childhood toy sitting at the back of a dusty cupboard in a grown man’s house, forgotten and unwanted. I was slowly giving in to the pain, yearning to give up, only holding on for the sake of not making a scene.
    That night, I had gone for a walk in the woods and stopped to rest awhile. I sat beneath an old oak tree, looking out at...

Never Again

I stood there, breathless, taking in the view. Every ounce of my infinite body was tingling with life. I felt the blood pulsing through my veins and the soft thumping of my steady heart. I couldn’t believe I had made it…
“Gracie! Come on, get up!”
The sweet voice of my little sister Josie ripped me out of my peaceful slumber. The blurry image of two bright eyes and a crooked smile slowly became clear as my eyes adjusted to the light. There was a calm steadiness to her as if all the storms in the world were a whispering breeze when she was there. She was kind and clever, fair and just as if she knew she was born to be the queen of the world. There was nothing princessy about her though, just fierce independence and warrior-like confidence. I loved her; we all did. 
With all the energy I could muster, I stood, feeling every bone in my...


I tried to write a story
And make you the hero
But each time I tried to write
I couldn't find the right words

I tried using words I know
Crimson. Profound. Broken
I tried to tell the whole truth
But nothing fit quite right

I think that this is because
If you take all of your
Experiences and all
The stories that you tell

And then you take your body
It just doesn't add up right
Because a part of you is 
Greater than your known parts

So you can't be summarized
In words on a blank page
Because you are so much more
Than who you think you are

The truth is a part of us
Will never go away
Because energy can't be
Created or destroyed

This might not make much sense but
what I'm trying to say
Is that you are forever
Invincible. Always.

A Girl Named Theo

A girl named Theo
Is tall like a skyscraper
She holds the world in her hands
And never thinks it’s heavy

A girl named Theo
Has hair streaked with sunshine
And it billows in the wind
Like it has its own set of wings

A girl named Theo
Wear flannels and doesn't seem to care
When the rest of the world laughs
At her edgy sense of style

A girl named Theo
Has a soft nose and sharp eyes
That hold a flame of courage
That never seems to die

A girl named Theo
Dances like no one else is there
And smiles like she know the biggest secret
But she can’t tell anyone

A girl named Theo 
Kisses like each one is her last
And she laughs like church bells
On a cold Christmas morning

A girl named Theo
Is bold, brave and beautiful
But she doesn’t care
What people think of her

When I hear stories of Theo ...


try to dance on broken glass.


try to dancing on broken glass.


They say that happiness will find you
They say that you are not alone
They tell you to take some time off
And let your millions of thoughts brew

They say that happiness will find you
If only you reach out your hand
But what if you're not strong enough
To lift your fingers into to view

They say that happiness will find you
But I think that sadness can too
And just when you think you've found ground
It opens holes and you fall through

They say that happiness will find you
But what if you can only find it
In other people's approval
And sometimes they don’t make do

They say that happiness will find you
But even if you are loved by all
You won't be truly contented
Unless you love yourself for you

They say that happiness will find you 
But they what they really mean
Is that you have to go and find it

You Are

You are not a name
Or a height 
Or weight or gender
You are not an age
Or sexuality 
You are not where you are from
You are the thoughts in your head
You are your favourite songs
And the things you think about at night
You are your actions and words
And what you have for dinner
On a Sunday night
You are a thousand things
But everyone chooses to see
The million things you are not

Upon A Hill

I sat perched upon a hill
And watched the sun fade away
As the front marched on their way
To more battles and bloodshed
I sat perched upon a hill
And gazed into the distance
Unaware of existence
Lamenting the times gone by
I sat perched upon a hill
Above a million lost souls
And a thousand endless holes
Where people used to chatter
Once upon a distant time 
I sat perched upon a hill

Never Trust A Mirror

Never trust a mirror
It only goes skin deep
It doesn't show how your eyelashes
Flutter as you drift off to sleep
Never trust a mirror
It shows just a fraction
Of what I see every time your
Eyes light up the sky with passion
Never trust a mirror
For it doesn't show how your
Perfectly full lips twitch before 
You smile when you sit by my door
Never trust a mirror
It just gives you self doubt
It doesn't show your deep earthy eyes
That seem to go on forever
Or your kind left dimple
I only see some nights
Lying on the couch at midnight
When we whisper to each other
Or the way that your curves
Fit perfectly with mine
Your reflection cannot tell you
Everything you mean to me
Never trust a mirror
It only shows your skin
If you think it dictates your worth
Then It's time you looked within

Inside Me

There are so many things inside me
That are trapped in a binding cage
They scream and shout in silence
And they fight to break free
They are the colour of the Earth
Dark red and deep and fresh
And they run like a river of blood
Through all my many veins
They try to form some words
But it seems there aren’t enough
Letters in the alphabet for them
So one day they just can’t take it
And they burst out in warm
Raw tears 
On my 


Your words will forever pierce me
And my heart will forever bleed
The deep red of who I must be
So you can like and love and laugh
At the mask, I wear to be free
Underneath the deep pretty eyes
Is someone you don't want to see

Forever Scarred

I stumbled upon a soldier, face submerged in blood
I thought how long he’d laid there, before the lone gunshot
His face was pale with shock, as white as the falling snow
I hoped he died in glory, and till the end, he fought

Jonny touched my shoulder, yet no warmth I felt
I stood and left the soldier, the front must move on
Yet I lingered for a moment, wishing he would breathe
But he laid as still as stone, into the rising dawn

I snapped my head forward and marched into the mist.
My heart forever scarred, his would never grow older
I pulled the trigger on my gun, awaiting the sergeant’s call
Fire! I tried but my hands were as still as that soldier

A Taste of Lonliness

We only get one life. One chance to make a difference in this unfair world. Yet I squandered my only chance. My only life.
Let me start from the beginning, the day I abandoned the only home I knew, the day my world turned upside down.    
“Ming, my boy, come downstairs, there’s someone to see you!”
       My mother's sweet voice wafted through my bedroom door, filling the space with her gentle words. I heaved myself out of bed, put on my finest silk garments and descended the stairs. A tall, gangly, man, about twice my age, stood at the door, dressed like he had been at sea for months. My nostrils stung from his putrid body odour and his cold black eyes stared back at me, penetrating into my mind as if he was reading my deepest thoughts. 
      Then he began to speak and with only a few words, he offered me a thrilling adventure: a chance...

It was as if I'd been here before...

    It was as if I’d been here before, something about the simple room seemed to
echo a moment in my past. The wallpaper, red with tiny white flowers, the ageing armchair with a stain on the seat, the glass vase with strikingly beautiful orchids, they all seemed like a portal into my past; what struck me most was the butterfly cage. It was tall, slim, and fragile as if it would shatter into a million pieces with one wrong move. There were no butterflies in it, just beautiful depictions of them, flapping their vibrant wings as they flew around the porcelain walls of the cage.
    I stood there, dumbfounded. I thought I had moved on from my past, I thought this journey was leading me away from my terrible childhood, but alas, I had ended up right where I started. The details were slowly coming back to me piece by piece, but they were fogged up by years of...

The Sea

The sea was calm, it was quiet, it was serene. It was silent, but the silence was loud. It was a snake slithering into my fragile ears, piercing me with its deadly venom, slowly destroying me from the inside out. The madness was unbearable.
The waves, crashed onto the shore, the sound forever repeating in my ears like one continuous feedback loop. Each wave a tiny needle cutting my ear with sharp, sudden pricks. I looked around, desperate for human connection, yearning for some kind of empathy, but there was no one for miles.
I turned to my tall, sleek, majestic horse, wishing she would talk to me, wishing she would penetrate the deadly silence. I heaved myself onto her chestnut back, settling into the saddle, and squeezing my legs together, begging her to whisk me away from this sullen place. Alas, she wouldn’t budge. She’d always been obdurate, but now, I needed her to obey me more than ever....

Flash Fiction Competition 2019

I am From

I am from
the places I go when
the rest of the world falls asleep
and the thoughts that invade my veins
with their slow, lethal waltzes of pain

I am from 
the way my feet fall on the snowy ground
the way my tears taste of the earth

I am from
the billions of stars
and the songs of the universe
watching as I stumble and watching
as I pick myself up again
even if my eyes are heavy
with crimson pain

I am from 
everywhere and 
I am from 

Flash Fiction Competition 2019

I am From

I am from
the places I go when
the rest of the world falls asleep
and the thoughts that torment my veins
with their slow, lethal waltzes of pain

I am from 
the way my feet fall on the snowy ground
the way my tears taste of the earth

I am from
the billions of stars
and the songs of the universe
who watch as I stumble and watching
as I pick myself up again
even if my eyes are heavy
with crimson pain

I am from 
Everywhere and 
I am from 

Typing into a Broken Keyboard

My fingers fly across the keys
Pressing each one down with purpose
Spilling out my life onto these 
Dusty, broken, obsolete keys
Part of me knows this is stupid
But part of me wishes that out 
There someone is also wounded
And listening to my story
Even though I know it’s just me
Staring out into the night sky 
Slowly sipping a cup of tea
Eyes still heavy with crimson pain
My fingers dance across the keys
In a slow, lethal, waltz of hurt
Trembling lips and shaking knees 
And tears flooding onto the keys
I know my story isn’t heard
And I can’t do anything to 
Ease the earthy red heinous hurt
But type into a broken keyboard