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poetry is my favorite way to practice self-love

Published Work

Lunar Phrases

a goddess of milky white

as a young child, i dreamed of having the moon imprinted on my body
a snapshot of the milky white orb hanging among the stars.
but as an adult, i see that the moon is forever changing
a goddess who was once praised now nothing more than a reminder of the changing day.
she will rise again, though
her rebirth signaling the changing of the tides.

Micro Memoir

New Experiences. New Places.

With sweaty hands, I picked up the suitcase. I dragged myself across the linoleum floors, my heart pulsating. Anxiety surfaced and my mind malfunctioned. Without my mother, the fear of being alone had ignited, creeping inside my heart. But my soul longed to explore the city beyond the airport’s walls.
I exited, expecting humid air. Instead, my cheeks met a subtle breeze holding an unknown calmness. Drifting down the freeway, a tug on my heart pulled my gaze towards the window. My mind anticipated a bleak skyline, only to be surprised. Before me, the Pacific Ocean acted as a mirror for the sky, with the Golden Gate Bridge stretched across its surface. Korean barbeque and Ghirardelli wafted through the window, exposing the city’s cultures.
The scents and visuals captivated me. The anxiety of traveling alone faded with the passing cars. My heart and soul had found their haven.

Universal Knowledge

our one perfection or flaw? you decide.

To me, the common language of the world is emotion–the tears sliding down your cheeks at two a.m. or the hearty laugh shared with your closest friends–because that is what reminds us we are all human.


noun: a feeling or deep pleasure derived from one's own achievements or of those who one closely associates with, or qualities or possessions that are widely admired.

P: patience
R: respect
I: individuality
D: determination 
E: equality

i take PRIDE in my quirks, my hobbies, my sexuality, my heritage, my northern accent, my taste in movies, my ethnicity, my love for reading, my petite and curvy body, my drive, and my ability to be alive and here in this exact moment in time.

body observations 6.19

my toenails are the color of sand.
my fingernails painted the colors of the ocean.

my legs are pale and covered in hives.
my arms are golden and sprinkled with freckles.

my chin has scars from long-gone acne.
my fingers on my right hand have blisters from writing poetry.

my bangs hang long and get caught in my lashes.
my stomach changes shape and grows firmer with time.

my cheeks are swollen from their recent surgery.
my hips pop and crack from years of overuse.

my eyes sparkle more and exude pure joy.
my lips open to show my whitened teeth and form a genuine smile.

my heart has finally learned self-love.
my soul is now at peace with itself.


speaking to you in person is
but over the phone it is so 
even though you are a year
we connect through our words and

but that single word
is what is holding me back.
why do you not see me as an
but like some little child how needs a

you could be so easy to
but with me being stuck in the
we will never make this work between us.



the cursed app for those who are
seeking out instant love:
it’s the app that you sought out in order to replace me.
i know i said i didn’t feel the same
that my heart couldn’t beat with yours
but your attempts to forget me make me
cry out
wish that i could touch you.
love in the digital is such an easy thing to 
stumble upon. 
but a love that lasts and is honest is rare.

Tiny Love Story


with monolid eyes
and broken thumb nails.

with fresh cut bangs
and freckled cheeks.

longs for a love
that will never leave.

dreams about a guy
who can sweep her off her feet.

haven’t met yet but 
know that the other is their destiny

the touch of a lover

a bundle of nerves
thats what i am.
but you are confident in yourself.
how can you be so sure
about what you want.

we havent even met 
face to face
but you are so sure 
of your love for me.

we said we werent into
the physical connection
but i may have lied.
and i know you are so sure
that it is what you dont want.
but if i crave anothers touch
then how will you respond
if we do become one.

august will be the truthteller
when we share the same air
for the first time.
and because you are so sure
about yourself and i am not
i dont what to expect from this.
but i hope it works
despite the lacking touch of a lover.

To The Harvey Milks of The World

must you assume who someone is?

She dances like a swan, gracefully grazing the water, but you tell her that only the weak are slaughtered.

Her playlist is home to millions of songs,
but you shove country down her throat in order for you two to get along.

Horror movies and gore leave her wanting more, but you force her to adore romance on the seashore, that the man is the one she should go for–


These things are easily forgotten and ignored.
But what's killing her softly is
your lingering

It's the questions like
"Why?" and
"Are you sure?" and
"Is it a phase?" and
"Are you hoping for a cure?" that leave her

Because her heart's love for males is inconsistent
doesn't mean she is nonexistent.

She can hear your whispers,
echoes of death threats. 
She can feel your fingernails,
dragging her back to the closet.
But she doesn't flinch at your hatred towards her love...