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One word to describe me, found it. LAUGHTER

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I write about the people unknown, the stories untold, but the ones that deserve to be told, the good, the bad, the sad, the happy, the angering, the empowering, and the ones that will make a change.

Published Work

The Plot Holes in Our Most Beloved Children's Tales

tarting with on of the most beloved fairytales, Cinderella, I have a couple of questions. 
My friend made a quote book with quotes and questions and one of them that totally stood out to me was, why did Cinderella's shoe fall OFF if it fit PERFECTLY? In the books and movies, the narrator always emphasized that when Cinderella put on her glass slipper, it fit so darn, perfectly. Hmmmm... then why did it fall off? 

My next question is, why did Cinderella's father, who is always portrayed as a kind, man, decide to marry the evil Lady Tremaine, who had to horrible daughters? It sounds to me that their marriage was totally rushed and that he was desperate, for something. Either money, or love.  

Lastly, how did no one else in the entire LARGE kingdom, have Cinderella's shoe size? The kingdom was ginormous and there were so many maidens, there should have been at LEAST one maiden who had the...

A Unique Story

The first story I’ll tell is mine. It’s different from most, it;s sad, it's true, and not as important as some, but all the same, it is my story and no one else’s.
In 2005, I was in my crib, in a small orphanage in Vietnam, perfectly content with my life, until, January of 2006. That was when my adopted parents came. I had a stepsister, a mom and a dad, who all lived in New York City, so one month later, I was in a crib halfway across the world, in a beautiful condo that I should have appreciated more, because I wasn’t in it for long. My mother and father both worked extremely hard, but my step sister had a stepmother, who used to be married to my dad, until he divorced her because she was manipulative and didn't work hard. Back to my step sister. I guess she had some kind of problems, and still to this...

Why I Write

I write to express my feelings and to use my voice, even when I'm scared to.
I write because it calms me and amuses me.
I write because it feels human to put a pen and paper together to make something meaningful.
I write because it's powerful.
I write to tell the truth, not to keep the truth concealed. 
I write because that's what I want to do when I grow up.
I write to keep memories.
I write because I can express my passion
I write to put down my ideas so I don't forget them later
I write to have a voice
I write to my grandmother, who is dead because it gives me a sense that she is still alive.

Why do you write?

Wrong But True

You’ve probably seen a lot of pieces about the government, but mine is slightly different and maybe slightly the same, but because I’m a different person than everyone else, my story is slightly different. Every night, when I watch the 10:00 news, I sit and wonder why everyone is so content with the world we live in, and if their not, why aren’t we seeing a change? I know that it takes a lot for a drastic change, but we, the people, even those who aren’t involved in politics can still be seen, heard, and can make a difference. But why isn’t that happening. I’ve heard many a person talk about how horrible, and wretched our society and government is, but if you ask them what their doing to make a difference, most people will just tell you that they can’t, they don’t have time, or they want the politicians to make a move. The politicians can only do so...