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Hello, other people have really deep messages but. I just don't do that.

But here you go:
A book is a dream that you hold in your hands.
-Neil Gaiman

Published Work


Fish Girl

My most favorite book current has to be Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. It is a dramatic romance, but even that doesn't do it justice. This thrilling story follows Rachel Chu as she navigates the ins and outs of her boyfriend Nick Young's crazy family. It also alternates chapters with Nick's cousin Astrid Leong Teo. She is the epitome of wealth and beauty, but hides a savvy business mind beneath the all the diamonds. Her wealth also hides the sadness in her crumbling marriage. If I go on I'll spoil everything, but if you like drama and romance I recommend.  

The next book is much less unknown, it is Fish Girl by David Wiesner. This is a beautiful novel made up of pictures, a mysterious drama in a comic book format. You will fall in love with the delicate artwork and ethereal characters. This is a great book to read when you need a different type of escape, an...

Phenomenal Woman

Why is that so? Because it's never been different

Why do women need a day just for them? 
Because that's all the relife they get

Why do they have to keep fighting for rights? 
Because they were never given them

Why is it that we are progressive, yet we've never had a women in office?
Because the laws are made by those in power

Why does this keep staying the same?
Because no one person can fix everything

Why aren't women hired in more jobs? accepted into more colleges? 
Because they might have a child, because they probably aren't as smart

Why do men think they know more about our bodies? 
Because women were barred from coming to the meetings

Why can we not be trusted on things that we face? 
Because men's egos needed to be pumped

Why does this trash keep happening? 
Because change is hard

If you've never...

If you've never immersed yourself in nature, take a moment to breath

f you've never told someone you love them, just because, steal a second to appreciate your loved ones

If you've never been told you weren't good enough, make sure no one else is either

If you've never held the opportunity to change someone's life, do it now

If you've never hopped on a bus, willing it to take you anywhere, find someone to adventure with

If you've never been able to do all the things you wanted to do, don't let it happen for anyone else

If you've never changed the world, I hope you've changed someone's

Just because

Just because they said you couldn't, doesn't mean you can't

Just because they told you no, doesn't mean you won't

Just because it's 'not what's done,' doesn't mean it isn't happening

Just because you've never done it, doesn't mean you shouldn't now

Just because no one's done it, doesn't mean you shouldn't

Just because there are all these obstacles, doesn't mean you can't overcome them

Just because you are strong


Recipe of Me (Sort of)

A sparkle of sun, to brighten up your day
A dash of moonlight, to drive your fears away

Just a pinch of sugar, to help you stay sweet
Add a bit of salt, keep them on their feet

Toss in some courage, show the world your power
Pour in some purity, dazzled by a meteor shower

Mix in a few friends, stir it well
Add some memories, don't make it a hard sell

Then of course there's the books, piles and piles
You can see the trail stretching, for miles and miles

Bake in the warm, California sand
Remember to gather it, before it's too tanned

Cool within, the air conditioned library
Then dye the hair, with a wild cherry

Then shape, but lost some dough
Eh, just give her a wish for snow

Last thing last, I dropped the eyes
Just give her glasses, they won't realize

With a touch of this, pinch of that
Now I wish I...