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I'm a Pokémon writer who basically writes mainly about Pokémon (other fiction coming soon). From backstories, to series' about pokémon trainers.

Message from Writer

“A Caterpie may change into a Butterfree, but the heart that beats inside remains the same.”
“Make your wonderful dream a reality, it will become your truth. If anyone can, it’s you.”
“I see now that one’s birth is irrelevant. It’s what you do that determines who you are.”
“We do have a lot in common. The same earth, the same air, the same sky. Maybe if we started looking at what’s the same, instead of looking at what’s different, well, who knows?”
“Me give up? No way!”
–Ash Ketchum

Published Work

summer vacation

sorry guys, I've been gone for so long and I guess I'm back. But over the summer I went through a Pokemon Writing Block. So I've decided to ask you guys: Would you be fine if I added more to my account then just Pokemon?

The Chronicles of Wren

    "Weavile, use Metal Claw!"
    "Golem, use Smack Down!"
    Weavile's claws began to glow, and it attacked. Running it's claws across Golem's side, it jumped high into the air. Golem jumped up, grabbing Weavile, and plummeting back to the ground. Weavile crawled out from under Golem, still hanging on to consciousness.
    "Weavile, Ice Beam!"
    Weavile shot a thin beam of ice, hitting Golem square in the chest, sending it flying off of him. Golem fainted on impact to the ground.
    "Good job, Weavile!" Wren said, returning his pokemon. His opponent returned his own Pokemon and ran off. 
    One of his squadmates, Alex was just finishing off his opponent. "Golisopod, Liquidation!" 
    His Golisopod drew a katana made entirely of water and ran at his opponent- A Rapidash.
    Rapidash fainted, and Alex's enemy trainer returned his Pokemon.
    Alex ran up to Wren. "Is...

Pokemon Dawn/Dusk 14

     "What's Mega Evolution?" Zane asked, picking at his spaghetti.
    "Hm?" Leo had missed the question.
    "What's Mega Evolution?" Zane repeated, looking up. 
    "Oh, Mega Evolution. Um, it's kinda like, uh, well... Hard to explain. Basically, when a Pokemon and their trainer form a strong enough bond, they can do this thing called Mega Evolution. It makes the Pokemon a lot more powerful and even changes their shape. However, only a couple Pokemon can Mega Evolve, and you need two stones- a stone for the Pokemon, and a Key Stone. They're both extremely expensive and rare."
    "Can Greninja Mega-Evolve?"
    "Not really. Greninja has an entire different thing. Instead of using a stone, a Greninja can have the ability Battle Bond, which, when a strong enough bond is formed, it can change appearance. However, once again, finding a Greninja with Battle Bond is almost as rare as finding a...


0-9 Prompt but its pokemanz

0 reasons to not set out on your journey
1 champion
2 Let's Go games
3 Starters
4 members of the Elite 4
5 eeveelutions from Gen 1 to Gen 2
6 slots in your party
7 gens so far
8 gyms per regions
9 eevee-related pokemon in existence 


Pokemon Dawn/Dusk 13

    "Get down!" A man yelled, echoing through the town. A Braviary plummeted from the sky, its giant wings sweeping across the small town. Any stands selling berries, food, or anything else of the sort were destroyed.
     Zane ran from inside the Pokecenter, just in time to watch the Braviary sweep up into the sky, its magnificent wings glittering in the daylight. 
    Monferno jumped from his Pokeball. "Mon-ferno!" It yelled, charging. He caught Braviary's eye, and the giant hawk flew towards Zane's small monkey friend.
    Braviary began to spin rapidly, catching the air under its wings, and it suddenly pulled up. Small blades of air went spiralling toward little Monferno, and it hit him with such an impact, and it went flying into a cement wall, then crumbling, unconscious.
    "Okay, that didn't work," Zane said, staring at his unconscious Pokémon. "Lycanroc, you're up!" Zane said, throwing his second Pokéball, and Lycanroc materialized in...

Forlorn Trainer

    A Crobat flapped through the air, trying not to faint from the extreme cold. He flapped toward a hooded figure on the top of the mountain, who was waiting for his response.
    "Cro-Bat!" The little four-winged bat grumbled to his owner.
    "Thank you, Crobat. Your information is noted."
    He took out a Walkie-Talkie. "This is Allen Novachez, Operation Spanone is being put into place. I am preparing for assault."
    He put his Walkie-Talkie away and looked around. His right-hand Pokemon was nowhere to be seen.
    "Gallade?" He asked. Crobat fluttered into the air and took a look around, and it suddenly froze. 
    "Cro-bat!" It yelled, as it dropped to the ground, an Ice Beam just barely flying over it's head.
    "Crobat, get down!" Allen yelled. He quickly returned it to it's Pokeball. "Come on out, Charizard!" He threw one of his other Pokeballs, and...

A Cringey Old Pokémon Story I Made When I Was In Sixth Grade

My Life as a Pokémon….

    Hi, my name is Scorpius, I’m a Scorupi pokémon. Really, being a pokémon is hard. I have a friend, Freddy, who’s a snorlax. Anywho, my trainer’s name is Cade Johnson. He is a expert and only has three, me, Freddy, and a Charizard named Carl. Yesterday, we went crazy and caught tons of Pokémon!!! Like Dave, an Aerodactyl, and Alex, who’s a  Kabutos. Alex is nice. Dave I barely know. But then we met…. Him…. He’s another trainer, his name’s Cartér. He had a MEGA evolution stone and gave it to Carl, for he defeated him. Now Carl's a blue Wrecking Machine. No fair. Hey, maybe I will win an evolution stone one day…. Anyway, I’m having a party in my pokéball today. Everyone will be invited. I got the most luxurious one since I was the hardest to catch, and the smartest. Want me to tell you how to do it? Tomorrow is...

Pokemon Dawn/Dusk 12

    Zane trotted out of the gym, a huge smile on his face.
    Leo smiled at them as they walked past. "You seem cheerful."
    Zane took out his badge case and let it fall open. Sitting inside the first slot, was a shiny, green, flower-shaped metal piece.
    Leo grinned. "Of course you did."
    Zane took out his Pokeball. "And that's not it." He threw it up in the air, and Greninja materialized next to him.
    Leo's mouth dropped. "No [censored because school computers are stupid] way."
    "I know, right? Doesn't he look awesome?"
    "No, Zane. You have no clue how lucky you are. There was a one-in-a-million chance of getting a shiny, and you got it."
    "Shiny pokémon are extremely rare. There is an approximately one in eight thousand, one hundred and ninety-two shiny rate in the Senta region."

Pokemon Dawn/Dusk 11

    "Well, look who decided to return!" Clara said. 
    Zane grinned. "Yep, and I'm more prepared than ever! Bring it on!" He said, taking out his first Pokeball. 
    "Any changes in Pokemon levels?" Clara said, taking off her bag and rummaging through it.
    "Lycanroc is now level 34," Zane said, with a wide grin. He had been training his Pokemon for almost an hour before his battle. Frogadier was level 33, and Monferno was level 34 as well.
    "Well, guess I'm using Sceptile, then." Clara said, throwing out her Sceptile.
    "Let's start off with Lycanroc!" Zane said. He threw out his Pokeball, and Lycanroc materialized in front of him.
    "Sceptile! Make it quick! Use Leaf Blade!"
    "Lycanroc, use Sand Attack!"
    Sceptile sliced Lycanroc with it's blades, however, Lycanroc was able to brace himself for the hit. He then kicked sand in Sceptile's...

Pokemon Dawn/Dusk 10

    Zane slumped through town with his head facing his feet. He just couldn't win a battle, could he? His pokemon were all healed up again, and he wanted to go look for a Pokemon that could help him, however, he just didn't think he could do it.
    Maybe his fate was to spend the rest of his life as a trainer out in the woods, that could be easily taken down by one pokemon.
    Suddenly, a Pokémon cry broke out.
    Zane popped to life. He immediately recognized it as the sound of a Lotad, which, if he could remember correctly, was Leo's second Pokemon. 
    Zane took off toward the sound. Sure enough, it brought him to a small alleyway, where Leo was battling a strange kid. He had a Scizor: a bug and steel type. Extremely powerful, extremely dangerous.
    "Scizor, let's finish off this weakling. Hit with an...

Pokemon Dawn/Dusk 9

    Zane stood, watching over the forest. He had been out for two days. The only thing that was on his mind was his loss against Clara.
    Frogadier hopped up beside him. What are you thinking about?
Zane glanced at him. "Nothing," he said. 
    I'm sorry. Frogadier said.
    "No, it's not your fault."
    Yeah, bu- 
    Suddenly, a blur wizzed by Zane, heading straight for Frogadier. The only thought that went through his head was Mach Punch!
Frogadier went flying back almost five feet. It wasn't too effective, so it didn't faint Frogadier immediately.
    The blur came to a stop. It was a monkey. It was short, maybe three feet tall. It had a long tail, with a flame on the end. Zane's pokedex went off in his pocket.
    "Monferno! The monkey fighter pokemon! Fire/fighting type. Monferno is an excellent fighter, so fight with caution!"  ...

Pokemon Dawn/Dusk 8

    Sarah stood on the roof of the pokemon center, overlooking the woods, and thinking about life. Zane had just been found, unconscious near the gym leader. Clara told them that they had been battling when Zane was about to use a Rage Move. According to Clara, Rage Moves occured when both the Pokemon and their trainer became extremely angry. However, while most Rage Moves can only be used by the Pokemon of their type, Frogadier nearly used a poison move. Clara also said that Rage Moves aren't usually even useable until later in the journey, where the bond between the trainer and pokemon is strongest.
    Ivysaur and Growlithe chased each other behind Sarah. 
    "Iv-y!" Ivysaur yelled, and it reached out with its vines. 
    Growlithe recoiled, and spit fire at the vines. It burned them, and Ivysaur recoiled. SAAAARAAAHHH! GROWLITHE BURNT MY VIIINNNESSS!
    No, I didn't! Growlithe responded. 
    Yes you...

My Sinnoh Pokemon Team

Recently, I played through Pokemon Platinum again. I highly enjoyed it, and I made a team that absolutely DESTROYED. I decided to write this team down, and here it is.

I chose Chimchar as my starter. It is an extremely good pokemon, and it destroyed every gym. Infernape is the best because it has defenses against both of the other starters, similar to Torterra, who has it's ground type against fire, and its grass against water. Since Empoleon is a steel type, once Infernape learned Close Combat, it decimated my rival, which I named Nolan,


Flamethrower (tm obtained in Fuego Ironworks)
Shadow Claw (tm for beating Fantina)
Close Combat (learned once evolving Monferno)
Grass Knot (tm for beating Gardenia)

After obtaining Chimchar, I remembered Staraptor, which could also dent teams with the right moves. Starly was the first pokemon I caught on that adventure. When it evolved into Staraptor, it was a fierce fighter, and it definitely messed up...

Pokemon Dawn/Dusk 7

    "Now Frogadier, finish it with Pound!" Zane commanded. Frogadier charged forth, and hit the Roselia with such a hit it went soaring straight into the wall. 
    "Roselia can no longer battle! Challenger Zane wins!" The commentator yelled.
    "Yes!" Zane cheered. "Now, the only one we have left is the Gym Leader. This is too easy!"
    "Zane, we told you. It won't be easy for much longer. The Gym Leader is always the hardest trainer to beat," Leo said.
    "We got this far, didn't we?" Zane grinned.
    "Zane, just stop. If you challenge the Gym Leader, you're gonna lose," Sarah said. "Growlithe barely made it out conscious."
    "I told you guys! I got this! I'm gonna win, and show all of you!" Zane yelled, as he ran off. 
    Zane weaved through the hedges, looking for any kind of way to the gym leader. 
    Zane turned...

Pokemon Dawn/Dusk 6

    Leo stood, staring out towards the woods. Combusken stood to his left, and Leo's newest pokemon, Lotad, stood next to him. 
    "I wonder what's taking Zane," He said aloud to himself. 
    "He's probably just lost in that cave." Sarah said. She was feeding Ivysaur and Growlithe- her newest pokemon. 
    Leo grinned. "Probably, if its Zane were talking about," They both laughed.
    Suddenly, Zane emerged from the woods, his Frogadier hopping on one side, and a Lycanroc walking on the other. 
    "¡Hola, amigos!" He yelled.
    "There you are. You must've been lost in that cave for a week!" What took you so long?!" Sarah said, running up to him, and checking him for wounds.
    "I'm fine," Zane said, stepping back from Sarah.
    "I see your guys pokemon evolved, and you got new ones too?" Zane said, looking at Growlithe and Lotad.

My Favorite Pokemon of Each Type

Hello! I decided to take a break from the normal fiction stories, and decided to list my favorite Pokemon of each type, with reasons why (No legendaries). So, let's begin. 


Reason- Ditto is an awesome pokemon, able to literally transform into any pokemon ever. And it's backstory is so amazing (I'll write a story about it later)

Fire- Infernape

Reason- The first region I ever actually played legit was Sinnoh, and without thinking, I chose Chimchar. Chimchar quickly evolved into Monferno before the first gym, and it DESTROYED Roark.


Reason- Who doesn't like Greninja? It's literally a Frog ninja, and its shiny is by far my favorite in all of pokemon.

Electric- Luxray

Reason- Luxray was my second ever pokemon in Sinnoh, and it destroyed basically everyone. However, playing through it a second time, I replaced Luxray with Jolteon, which was a bad idea.

Grass- Decidueye

Reason- It's an owl archer; I'm an archer in real life. Plus,...

Pokemon Dawn/Dusk 5

    Zane looked outside the cave, light shining on his face. It had took a couple of hours, but finally, he made it out of the cave. After Frogadier and Lycanroc took out the Onix and Geodudes, other pokemon kept their space. 
    You should probably say something to Lycanroc. He helped us get out, we should help him. Frogadier croaked.
    Zane turned to the red werewolf like pokemon. "Thank you. Frogadier tells me that you want a home. Would you like to join me and him on our pokemon journey?"
    Lycanroc grinned. It nodded its head really fast. 
    Zane took out a pokeball. He extended his arm, with the pokeball in his hand. Lycanroc pressed the button on the front of the pokeball, and it popped open. A red beam shot out from the depths, and hit Lycanroc on the chest. It disappeared inside the small red and white sphere.

Pokemon Dawn/Dusk 4

    Zane stood at the front of the mountain. The large rock structure was hollow on the inside, and there was a series of caves that was made by Excadrills and Onixes.. In his town, making it through the caverns would give a pokemon holder the rank of trainer. Rock pokemon stayed in the caves, and rarely left it. 
    Froakie would've had to go here. It had nowhere else. 
    However, a horrible thought came to him. What if Froakie made it through the cave already? He thought. It could be across the region for all I know!
    However, entering the tunnel without a pokemon would be unwise. Many wild pokemon did not like trainers. They often attacked, and without a pokemon, they would be vulnerable.
    I'll just run through it really quick. Zane decided. No pokemon will have time to catch me.
Zane let out a huge breath. He readied himself,...

Pokemon Dawn/Dusk 3

    "Froakie, use Pound!" Zane yelled. Froakie ran at the Turtwig, and leaped up in the air, then followed up by punching the grass turtle. 
    "Turtwig, use tackle to get it away from you. Turtwig pounced, hitting Froakie and sending it skidding back. "Now, withdraw!" 
The turtle hid inside it's shell. "Froakie, quick! Pound again!" Zane yelled. Froakie punched the shell, damaging it, however, it didn't do much. 
    "Turtwig, hit it with Tackle!" The turtle flew out of it's shell, and attacked Froakie, damaging it.
    Zane didn't know how he knew what moves his pokemon had, but while he was battling, a connection formed between him and his Froakie. He knew when it was angry, could feel how exhausted it was, how many times it could use a move before it couldn't no longer. He could also feel how hurt the enemy pokemon was, and whether it was close to being knocked out. ...

Pokemon Dawn/Dusk 2

    Zane walked in his home, his Froakie still sitting on his shoulder. "Welcome back, Zane. How'd your trip to the lab go?" His mom looked up, and smiled. "Oh, what a cute little pokemon!" His mom commented. 
    "He's a Froakie," Zane said, reaching up and patting his pokemon's head. "Fro..." It cooed. 
    Lycanroc perked up at the sound of it. It trotted toward Zane, and sticked it's head up toward the Froakie, attempting to sniff it. The frog pokemon scurried down Zane's arm. It curiously tapped the dog pokemon on the snout. 
    "You may wanna test out your new pokemon. I've been trying to train a new pokemon, it's a Turtwig. It doesn't know any grass moves yet, so you wouldn't be outmatched," His mom explained. 
    Zane thought about it for a second. "Fine. Mom, I challenge you to a pokemon battle!" Zane yelled. 
    His mom grinned. "Come...

Huge Thank You To Evertone who's already followed me.

At the end of each month, I feel as if it would be good to shout out everyone who's followed me during that time. Once again, anyone who cared to check out my page and click that follow button, I am just extremely grateful for you. You are amazing. You made my welcome warm, and I am thankful for you all.

Old Sport

If you're in the list above, you are an amazing person who deserves the best in life. And since I got such a warm welcome, I would like to leak a little bit of information.

This is my alt account. I have two accounts, and the other one isn't really popular, but it's definitely higher than me.

Also, huge thanks to everyone who's liked my posts. I somewhat get what's happening, you don't want people finding out your as old as you are (not calling anyone old, however most of you are older...

Let's Go Eevee/Let's Go Pikachu Origins

    Mewtwo sat in an open field, listening to the calls of the pokemon around it. Not too far away from it, a young boy named Chase awas getting ready for his pokemon adventure. 
    Mew suddenly appeared right behind Mew. Did you fetch the pokemon I asked for? It spoke through its mind. Mewtwo nodded. It stood up, and took out a pokeball. I already put the Eevee in the Professor's lab. Mewtwo spoke back. This is the Pikachu that the boy shall get. It is extremely powerful, capable of shooting thunderbolts that can destroy any opponent.
    Mew nodded. Good.
    Tell me, why are we giving this young trainer a pokemon so powerful? Mewtwo wondered. 
    This boy is the nicest, bravest, and purest in the region. He will be the one that captures all of the legendary pokemon, defeat the Elite Four, and become the ruler of the Kanto region. Mew explained. I...

Pokemon Dawn/Dusk

    Zane snored, totally forgetting the date. Today was the day he was supposed to be getting his first pokemon, however, if he didn't wake up, he would totally miss the occasion. 
    Zane's mother, however, was right on time. "Zane!" She yelled. 
    Zane's eyes fluttered open. For a minute, his mind was as empty. Then, suddenly, it came to him faster than a Ninjask on X Speed.
    "AGGHHH!" He yelled. He flew out of bed, and tripped.
    He crashed to the floor with a thunk. 
    He slowly crawled up, groaning. 
    His mother's Lycanroc trotted up to Zane. Zane scratched it behind the ear and flew to his closet. He quickly changed into more suitable clothes.
    As Zane was running out the door, his mom handed him a poffin. Not an amazing breakfast, but it would do.
    Zane took off toward the pokemon lab,...

Legendary Backstory-MewTwo

    The year was 1998. The world had been plagued by a news pieces that Arceus had created, known as humans. They were meant to be the king of pokemon, however greed had destroyed them. They longed to have control over the great pokemon, Mew.
    Humans had traced legendary energy to the jungles of Guyana, South America. They raided the forest, capturing any pokemon they found, slowly destroying the habitat.
    Mew silently watched from the shadows. It's companion, a single Bulbasaur, spoke to it through it's mind. You cannot give yourself to them. The bulbasaur spoke. The humans will use you for your power.
    Mew shook his head. No. I must not let them hurt anyone else. Mew quickly thought of a plan. I shall lead them from the forest, then come back. 
    Before Bulbasaur could respond, Mew flew off, heading straight for the humans.
    "There! Look! Mew!"...

Legendary Backstory-Mew

    It was the early days of the universe. Arceus sat on his newest creation- Earth. He looked upon this boring planet, and realized that it was completely lifeless. He thought of life, and a single spirit came from inside him, and life slowly was created. He brought life to multiple pokemon, making mice to run in the fields, and birds to rule the sky. 
    Giant serpents and squids took over the sea, and pokemon made entirely of rocks walked through the caves. 
    Arceus sat, admiring the beautiful creations, when he noticed the spirit he had originally created. It was small, pink, and it was the thing that created life. 
    Arceus willed this pokemon a shape, and it slowly turned into a cat-like floating pokemon. Arceus told this pokemon "You shall be known as Mew. You will be the cause of all pokemon life, as you created them. You shall be the first...


G'day, g'day. This is my first story ever on this site, and I hope to join other writers on this site. I plan on making pokemon-themed stories, including the backstories of legendaries, stories about pokemon trainers, and a long series about a pokemon trainer named Wren.

I just wanted to say hello.