The name's Pranavi, meaning "the 1st sound in the universe".
Addicted to reading books, writing literary pieces & K-POP {EXO, NCT, WayV, SuperM, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, Gugudan, Everglow, SNSD, SuJu & SF9}

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Writ•er/ 'raiter
- noun
1. a peculiar organism capable of
transforming caffine into books.

Published Work


Unraveling the details of what is already mentioned in my bio... 


Name: Pranavi
Origin: India, Hinduism 
Meaning: The first sound of the universe 
Affiliation: Goddess Parvati 


OM, symbolised as ॐ, was the first sound that reverberated through the universe after the cosmic creation. 
It signifies the essence of Atman, the ultimate reality and consciousness. The symbol ॐ is referred to as Pranava
Pranava is the original Word of Power, and means both "Control of Life Force- Praana" as well as "Life giver- Infuser of Praana". In its feminine embodiment, it is known as Pranavi. 


The word Praana was taken as the root word and from it arised various names such as Praneshwari, Pranadhatri, Pranaroopini and Pranadha, all of which are names associated with Goddess Parvati, the nurturing aspect of the Supreme Hindu Goddess- Adi Parashakti.
All of the 4 aforementioned names are found in the Lalita Sahasranamavaliand mean "she who gives...

Writing Streak Challenge Week 3

Challenge Completed (^o^)丿

Challenge Fulfilled, Challenge Completed! 






Writing Streak Week-3, Day-5

Underneath the blankets, feeling at home. 

Writing Streak Week-3, Day-4

Beneath the moon, dancing myself away...

Writing Streak Week-3, Day-3

Overwhelmed by a ray of light.  

Writing Streak Week-3, Day-2

The mirror reflected my wanderlust eyes. 

Writing Streak Week-3, Day-1

Their identity celebrated, their faces obscure. 


Shines amid the infinite hues 
Brilliant sunlight. 
Ruffle in ripples in acres of blue 
Puffs of magic white. 

°The Bubble° (Poetry)

It was a mirror 
As transient as it could be, 
Reflecting swirls 
Of rivers and rainbow trees. 
Looking at Earth
Never so clearly did I see 
Her vulnerability. 

° THE BUBBLE° (Prose)

The bubble was a transient mirror, the trees reflected with a swirl of rainbow rivers.
It was as if I were looking at Earth, seeing her vulnerability so clearly for the first time. 

Zoom Out

Her Wait & Silence

Roseanna sat by the window and held her hands clasped, which were barely visible under her oversized sweater. Her blonde hair cascaded a waterfall round her neck and stroke an ethereal contrast against the blue backdrop of her scarf. 
The warm and cozy café was currently subjected to a sudden downpour and like any other building that was surrounded by mist, so was the café that lay huddled despodent amid the tall skyscrapers. 
Though the other diners remained unbothered by random gushes of cold breeze when a new entrant would walk in to have a mug of coffee and wash down their weariness, Roseanna would be startled and at once, her head would dart to study the entrant's face. 
And after each study, her face would reluctantly draw back and her iridescent eyes would onlook the two mugs of cocoa that were left untouched on her table for quite a while now. 

Names, Names, Names

°•Names Bestowed•°

Names, Names, Names...

1. A Breakfast Joint 
---> it'z Delly-ciouz 

2. A New Smartphone 
---> Zest A4I 

3. An Eyeglasses Store
 ---> Through Jekyll's Eyes 

4. A Dog Pound 
---> Take Me By My Paws 

5. A Highway 
---> Wherever en'route Highway 

6. An Island Resort 
---> By-the-Bay Isle Resort

7. New Constellation
---> Prima BlueFlame 

8. A Pet Polar Bear 
---> Arcuro

9. A Nail Polish Colour 
---> Sea 'f Swirlz 

10. A New Butterfly Species
---> Ipetalouda tis Chanas 

In Motion


"Let me have the pleasure", I said, "of retelling what my friend just spoke but you missed out". 
My friend shot me a look because her story, which was as embarrassing as, would now be learnt by yet another pair of ears and giggled upon. 
"She braided her hair into as many braids as she could and then, untied all braids save three. After neatly combing her unbraided hair, she let it fall around her shoulders. And then after looking into the mirror, she found it a bit off-look to have three braids and to save appearances, she unbraided two more. The process of combing and setting her curls followed. Satisfied with her image as she shot another glance at her reflection in the mirror, she clicked a photo-" 
"Which you obviously won't catch the sight of, courtsey me", my friend cut me off. 
I resumed, "And the whole thing took her 2 hours and a few grace minutes". 

A Hiatus of 2 Months

Hello to all fellow writers...!

I know that I have been inactive on WTW for quite some time and haven't written anything worthy of the readers. I can't come up with any excuse than that I have my Class 10 CBSE Board Examinations coming up, starting from February 26. 

So the Class 10 Boards are considered extremely important as the result willl determine further studies and admissions for Class 11. In a way, they are influential to my future, like any other student appearing for the same. 

Hence, I have been focusing only on my studies and have taken a break from my interests of writing, reading and music. I hope this explains for my absence on WTW so far and also for my 2 months longer hiatus.  

Thank you for taking the pain and your time for reading this notice of hiatus. 

Regards,  Eri_09 (Pranavi)     

The Great Plauge

There was once a disease called the Great Plague
Whose cause in the beginning was very vague. 

It was spread by rats which were infested
And caused many innocent lives to be tested. 

Diseased bodies littered the streets everywhere
And survivors lived on without any healthcare.

In the winter, the plague had disappeared
And in spring, luckily it did not reappear. 

This plague greatly affected the nation
Killing thousands of the population. 

The Cambridge University declared a vacation
And Newton discovered the Laws of Motion. 


For Life

A thousand words are not enough to express my mind, for life.  

Six-Word Story

The Past Forgotten

...Forgetting the past wasn't my choice...

Word Collage ~ Feminism

A work inspired by the recent prompt by WTW - Word Collage

A collage of quotes regarding feminism and women emancipation, cause that's what the world needs...!
Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women. 
It is to say that I am not free while any women is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own. 
If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done ask a women. 
Reason...There's no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish. 


Word Collage

Nosedive, Limitless (EXO 2 NCT)

When things are hard, you can just cry in pain

    You'll always have me, even if the world turns cold

        For to have faith is to have wings. 

            Mortals tend to see only what they understand

                But you, your existence is limitless.  


Music is the rhythm of my soul. It flows through my veins and swirls in my head. It makes my fingers drum and my feet tap. It transcends the everyday monotony to make each fresh morning a new journey of sounds. My voice is my instrument and I can't live a single day without singing. To me music is life and life is music. It's in everything I see. It's in the air I breathe. 

Plastic - Litter and Waste Management

    Bodie Theone, the American husband-wife author duo, were quoted saying, "What is right is often forgotten by what is convenient". One can argue that convenience is good for our pockets and limited time, and though it may seem that way, it is certainly not for the long term and Mother Earth. One such convenience that complies with the above correspondence is the human-invention, Plastic. 

    Derived from the Greek word 'Plastikos', which translates to "mold", the term 'Plastic' is widely-used to refer to a wide-range of synthetic and semi-synthetic materials. Ever since they were first publicized in 1907 and until now, plastic has changed the face of the planet and the map of human brain; what was once regarded as a scientific wonder is now reckoned as environmental scourge. According to estimates, by 2050, the amount of plastic present in the oceans will be more than the number of fishes inhabiting the waters. The harsh reality is that plastic from disposable...

The Rain-fed Ground

The soil that was baked so hard last summer is now soft with rain water, every step causing a temporary puddle. What was pale brown is dark, what was tarnished green is iridescent. With the heavy clouds comes life and after the deluge the sun is always at its brightest.

As I Write While It Rains

Now, as I write, the rain drops are drumming down the windows and it is as if the pitter-patter on the roof and the ground is a serenade for its lover. The liquid goodness is now enriching the earth and giving the trees an even greener hue. 

Her Smile...

Her smile shined like the stars in the sky, with no bright city lights to dim them. It was like the sun opened its eager light to shine about her, only brightening her perfectly aligned teeth.

Your View

My Outlook

I'm starting right away ~ 

1. The world is too obsessed with Shakespeare at the cost of other classical playwrights. 

2. Our society isn't emotionally strong. 

3. Feminism is not wild or crazy; it's justified. 

4. Movies and Dramas either dilute or exaggerate relationships. 

5. Gryffindor and Slytherin are not that different from each other. 

6. Chiron was a better teacher than Dumbledore. 

7. Natural rights are not natural; the whole concept of having rights is man-made. 

8. World War 3 is not happening. 

9. Mathematics taught at school level should be practical; I'm still waiting to use the Basic proportionality Theorem, Progressions, Trigonometry, Integration & Differentiation in real life. 

10. BTS is both over-rated and over-hyped. BTS ≠ KPOP. 


Life, Skies and Sheep

Life is like looking down from the skies.
It's like the breeze that looks upon a still sheep. 

I'm Here, Always

"You've probably heard this a lot from my mouth, but you know you can tell me anything", Jeff told Mia once he brought a glass of water for her to drink, and sat on the chair, opposite to the bed Mia was sitting on.  

However, Mia didn't reach her hand out for the glass of water, neither did she spare him a second glance. She only looked at him, in the eyes, when he opened the door to let her in. 

Jeff sighed. He rose up from his hair and walked up to Mia. Standing right adjacent to her, such that her face brushed against his midriff, he spoke, "Mia, you can talk to me. I'm here for you, always". 

"Even if I were to run away from this place", Mia whispered and then broke down. It had been over a month since Jeff rescued her from her abusive family and brought her to his place. She felt grateful and...

Local Tongue

Hinglish, since 1967

Long years, or rather, decades of colonial rule gave birth to the colloquial Hinglish, a portmanteau  of Hindi and English. Though the term is a portmanteau that uses the term 'Hindi', it doesn't specifically restrict itself to Hindi, but refers to any Hindi-based languages such as Punjabi, Gujarati and Marathi, for instance. 

The very first Hinglish word seems to be 'Company Raj', meaning Company Rule, referring to the East India Company. Now, almost all English sentences end in 'Na' and start with 'Toh'. On first encounters, it may even seem that the population of Hinglish-speaking Indians is greater than English-speaking Indians and even, Hindi-speaking Indians! 

To give you a rough idea of Hinglish as a language; below is a small snippet in Hinglish, with literal English translation in parenthesis; 

"Tum asking Hinglish kya hai?
(You are asking what Hinglish is?) 
It is a lingo spoken by hazaaro desi youngsters.
(It is a lingo spoken by thousands...

Arctic Dreams

The Night's Sojourn

The couple slowed down to gaze a little more. The lookout revealed the watercolor blue mountains, still high up, and perching high upon the mountain. Behind the gossamer clouds they could see the silver roof of the hut they planned to be at that night. 

Tweets of Self-Respect

Give Yourself Some Self-Respect

Its high time already, give yourself some self-respect...

Self-respect is knowing that there's a world that's been waiting for who you are, loving your non-perfect existence, tying your shoelace and running to live life the way you want. It is being your own-self and shooing off the judgmental world, asking it to stop measuring you with somebody else's standards alone. It is talking the cold way because it suits you and not changing for others...Its you, your all and yourself. 

Album Review Competition 2019

#The_5th_Studio_Album: "Don't Mess Up My Tempo"

The long awaited comeback is finally here, and the vocal kings are back! 

From being seen as S.M. Entertainment's 'Big Experimental Mistake', to being recognized as the 'Nation's Pick' after their performance at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, EXO exploded the charts with their latest group release, Don't Mess Up My Tempo. 

Released November 2, Don’t Mess Up My Tempo is EXO’s 5th studio album and includes the comeback single, “Tempo,” released in both Korean and Chinese. Within a month of release, the album received over 1.1 million pre-orders, making it EXO’s 5th album to sell more than one million copies. It, thus, earned the group the title of “quintuple million sellers”.  The album also marks the return of member Lay to the group—he can be seen in both the Chinese and Korean music videos of “Tempo,” but his vocals are featured solely on the Chinese track. 

This comeback, in particular, drew a lot of...

Q&A(s) To Know Me More - ANSWERS!

Here are the Answers to your Questions... 


Q) What's your favorite color and why? 
A) Black! I simply love the colour. The reason is that it has a mystrious chill to it and is both intimidating and easy at the same time. 

Q) What's one place where you'd want to live in the future?
A) The Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. It is the country that has a fascinating mix of the old and the new, with each showing its side whilst not dominating the other. The people, their etiquettes, mannerisms and a lot more have me hooked to the country, since I was 10.  

Q) What is a dream for the world that you share?
A) I hope and dream for a world where the heads of all the 188 odd Nations have better diplomatic relations so that the citizens are not in fear or threat of war.    

Q) Do you have a hidden talent, if so, what is it?  ...

Q&A(s) To Know Me More

Well...The title pretty much speaks everything, and is something that all WTW members are familiar with. So if anyone has any random question to ask, go ahead. Pen down all your questions in the comments and let them rain! I will try to answer all questions before I take a break from this site before my exams begin. All questions will be answered on Friday, i.e. 5th July, 2019, 6:30 IST (Indian Standard Time), which means that the questions have to be posted before that. 
See ya then! 

Fantasy Writing Competition 2019

Another 079

    “You won’t survive for long. The Agency is gonna regret sending you”, the man grunted.
    Iris rolled her eyes. Pointing the gun, which had a special narcotic, she spoke, “This isn’t my first time dealing with people like you”.
    He asked, So, you've dealt with havoc-wreaking mutants before?  We could probably exchange numbers and meet up for tea”, sarcasm dripping to the floor.
    “Well...they did give me some trouble". 
    “None as good as me”, he snorted.
    “Yes, none as good as you. There a certain Elizabeth who shrunk the Empire State Building to the size of a pea. Then came this person who could control the weather, Zeus, maybe? And ah! One time I met this guy Adr-” 
    “Quit barking!”, the man yelled, shooting a spear of rock. Iris dodged but dropped the gun. 
    Iris snickered, “I am keeping you awake because the Agency demands it. If not bound by rules, I...

Unplugged: Op-Ed Competition


The story of having connected with the self whilst disconnecting with the screen...

    In the present world, everyone person tends to document everything they do, the cool stuff and the stuff to be proud of. To make it look even more better, we take pics, edit them out and then, without giving a dang to the world around, watch the likes rack up and comments flood in. 

    And with this technology being a new introduction, there's always a research popping up in some corner of the world saying how strongly the social media can impact us. Everyday, someone or the other will walk upto any gadget-attached buddy and say, "You know, you are giving that thing that power to turn you into a miserable and anxious narcissist". And, in an age of overexposure, there's always an appeal to go offline, or atleast try to do the same. 

    And, this is how the story goes... 


Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2019


As I arrange my minds’ nebulae-&-planets,
I sedate all the angry asteroids and comets
The thoughts a moon with many phases,
The soul scouring each of the multiple mazes.

Few of the opinions leave me in the dark,
While in few I see a great glowing spark.
My mind’s very own Sun, I should say,
As more notions come to lead the way.

Rising with every breath is the atmosphere,
When shall I but draw the conclusion near?
With swirls-&-twirls, what’s far from clarity,
Is how my thoughts come back with gravity.

I think and therefore, shines the Red Giant,
Drifting farther away from the view pliant.
Like a meteor shower, they irradiate the orb,
A melody composed and strung on the chord.

I try harder to align my heart’s constellations,
Clear the star-dust in all my intentions.
Erasing off all the suspended cosmic dust,
So I need not have any more of the thrust.

Pressing my temporal, I glimpse...

Op-Ed Competition 2019

"Them" and "Us"

    Around 72 years ago, in the year 1947, the world saw the birth of two sibling sovereign nations- the Dominion of India and the Dominion of Pakistan. And ever since then, the two countries found themselves knee-deep in a “psychological” rivalry against each other, which led to a series of three wars and one undeclared war.

    It doesn’t come as a surprise that from there on, the two have been involved in numerous armed skirmishes and military standoff. In each and every war and skirmish, the two countries managed to put up a display of their own nuclear capabilities.

    There’s no denying that nothing has been done to improve relationship between the countries; numerous attempts such as the Shimla Summit have taken place to do good. However, periodic terrorist attacks have impeded these efforts; the 2001 Parliament Attack almost brought the two to the brink of a nuclear war.

    Following the 2019 Pulwama Attack, the Indian government, headed by Prime...

Book Review Competition 2019

All The Light We Cannot See

    “The brain is locked in total darkness, of course, children. It floats in a clear liquid inside the skull, never in the light. And yet the world it constructs in the mind is full of light. It brims with colour and movement. So how, children, does the brain, which lives without a spark of light, build for us a world full of light?”  

    Authored by Anthony Doerr, All The Light We Cannot See is a tale set in the occupied France during WW-II, about two children, Marie-Laure and Werner. They are just ordinary children, two of the many who find themselves knee-deep in a conflict that does not concern them.
Blind at the age of six, Marie-Laure, is brought up by her father, a locksmith working at the Museum of Natural History. Marie-Laure is taught on how to navigate around the city by her father, who does it by constructing a model of the city of...