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Pranavi Ambati


Hey! Call me 'Pranavi'. I am an avid reader and belong to multiple fandoms.
Apart from reading, I like listening to music, which keep varying across genres.

Published Work

Book Review Competition 2019

All The Light We Cannot See

    “The brain is locked in total darkness, of course, children. It floats in a clear liquid inside the skull, never in the light. And yet the world it constructs in the mind is full of light. It brims with colour and movement. So how, children, does the brain, which lives without a spark of light, build for us a world full of light?”  

    Authored by Anthony Doerr, All The Light We Cannot See is a tale set in the occupied France during WW-II, about two children, Marie-Laure and Werner. They are just ordinary children, two of the many who find themselves knee-deep in a conflict that does not concern them.
Blind at the age of six, Marie-Laure, is brought up by her father, a locksmith working at the Museum of Natural History. Marie-Laure is taught on how to navigate around the city by her father, who does it by constructing a model of the city of...