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Running up a downwards-going escalator is what makes life such fun.

Peer Reviews

the sun is set but all i see are the spaces between the stars


This piece is beautiful and courageous. The setting sun and the ocean may be classical themes of poetry, but this work is all but traditional. Its originality expresses the world and its phenomena in a sincere and beautiful way. I truly adore this poem, and I must conclude by congratulating the author on yet another marvelous piece.

about 1 year

lemon weeds in my head


This piece is so wonderful. I cannot really express how amazing it is. It depicts thoughts and how a mind works in a very accurate and quite pure manner- the unedited mind is expressed in, probably, the best way possible. This splendid writing piece transmits a wonderful and clear story in an original way.

over 1 year

a letter to me


This poem is intelligent and beautiful. My critiques are really only small suggestions, it is entirely your choice whether you like them and want to take them into consideration or not. Your writing always transmits a clear and limpid feeling to the reader. Please continue writing poems like this.

over 1 year