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Hunger Games Catching Fire Book Review

Book Review
Hunger Games Catching Fire 

            Have you ever wondered what our world would have been like if America had revolted against the government? In my opinion the outcome would be terrible and terrifying. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire By: Suzanne Collins is an adventure and science fiction book, along with a dystopia genre. This book is the second in the Hunger Games series and gives a very vivid description of what life would be like.
            This is an amazing book about a world of fear and a will to survive. Katnis Everdeen or known in the Capital as “The Girl on Fire” and Peta Melark are the victors from the 74th annual Hunger Game. The 75th Hunger Games are a Quartal Quell, which happens every 25 years. The 75th Hunger Games are special this year because the victors will be reaped no matter the age. This is horrible for Katnis because she is the only female victor...