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hi, i'm your friendly neighborhood muppet, and i've started a novel workshop! read the first post to join or find out more.

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G'day mates, hello buddies! Muppet here. 

The first workshop is going to be first chapters. I had a few people who commented and were interested in being a part of this workshop, and they will be mentioned here. 

The way it works, you ask?

You'll post CHAPTER ONE of your novel/novella/manuscript. It has to be at least 10 Google Doc/Microsoft Word pages because if you have 30 chapters but each one is a paragraph or two, it'll take forever. Longer chapters but less chapters is the idea for a novel.

I will personally read through each one and comment, and I would like to say I will review them all as well. Obviously I cannot review my own and hope somebody will do that for me, as we're all here to help one another. Rather than assign reviewing partners, anyone can review any piece, but before I give the ok to post the next person's CHAPTER ONE, the previous one...


helloooo friends! g'day mates!

tis i, the muppet. as stated on my other account, i really hate that we can't upload chaptered stories on here. also, the young writer groups are ineligible to be created, for some reason. so i've made my own. 

this is a group where we can beta read one anothers' novels, offer feedback, criticisms, and help with everything. having a close-knit critique circle where we're all around the same age would be really beneficial, as i've found the website Critique Circle a bit too harsh for my tastes. 

a few people commented on my last post saying they were interested, so here i present to you, muppet's novel workshop! 
how does it work, you ask?

in the comments below, write a little introduction. say who you are, your novel (or idea that you hope to turn into a novel) is called, and then give me a one sentence log-line to describe the plot. genres and potential...