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Deanna Folsom

United States

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Deanna Folsom (United States) published:

57 days


I never knew that 57 days could feel like a lifetime until I met you.
57 days I have loved you.

5 days spent in denial over the fact that I had fallen for you.
49 days spent realizing, knowing it had to be you.
24 of those days spent truly believing with all my heart that you loved me too and that we were meant to be.
3 days spent here broken hearted.  

Each second since has been...

8 months ago

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Deanna Folsom (United States) published:

a flicker of a fake love


i write because i’m hurting.
i write because
if I don’t then i’ll bleed.
it’s not your fault, it really isn’t.
i was the fool because
i never knew how replaceable i was
until this moment.
it was a quick blaze of a flickering fake love...well fake to you.
in reality i’m the only one who lost something. however,
i lost something that was never mine to begin with. still
it hurts just the same.
it happened all at once,...

Seeking Peer Reviews

9 months ago

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9 months ago