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    [T/W: abuse mention, child loss, mention of kidnapping, mention of rape, mention of murder, please keep in mind this is pure fiction. Based on an idea I was told. Enjoy] 

    "Please, picture this: the news flashing on the old box television his mother insisted on keeping. The news anchor saying something about a child disappearance. The mother curling into a ball on a recliner chair she was sitting on. Her husband left the night before in a drunken rage after an argument; her sleeping 9-year-old was gone when she went to check on him after the fight. Her darling son was missing and he was on the TV.
    Years later, he never came back on the radar. Many suspected that the father kidnapped or killed the boy just before the argument ensued."
    "My name is [NAME REVOKED]....

eyes part one

    Eyes are the window to the soul, as we were told. 
    I never really believed when people said that. The eyes I had grown up seeing were always ice cold. I learned how to make my eyes cold, too. It took a few years, but it was worth it. I didn't have a bad childhood, I swear. My parents were just emotionally distant and always away. There are disadvantages to having well-off parents.
    My father was a businessman, and my mother was a famous actress. To say their relationship was strained was an understatement. There were no romantic gestures between them. I was conceived before they married, and I think that was just supposed to be a fling that got too much media attention. They understood that I needed a "stable" home, though; they got married. 
    I got used to it, eventually. The reason I was so cold. 
    I still had...

A Shattered Crown- Part 2

    That damned book did this all. William drained the rest of his drink. 

    Sparky stood suddenly. He spoke about how this wasn't supposed to happen. The ouija board started spelling something out. Robin started saying something, but nobody had listened. They were putting together what had been spelled. 
    The board piece moved back to goodbye. 
    The three looked at each other, wondering what a key would do for them. William suddenly sprinted towards the door. He tried to open it, but there was a gust of something that threw him backward. He wouldn't be able to open it anyways. The door was locked. 
    They needed a key to open it. 
    The three ran up a grand staircase that had gone unnoticed before. There was an open space, housing many more stains. William fell behind the others- noticing a strange book laying next to a stain. He skidded...

A Shattered Crown- Part 1

    The club was loud. It numbed the senses and those there knew not to mess with him. The man we speak of is none other than William Addington. He was known around here for his deeds. 
    What had happened to make him so?

    William had been a kind, caring man before. He had gone to the abandoned house on Third Street- the one we are told to stay away from by our guardians. He was accompanied by his friends; they were wonderous people bound for success. The group of friends consisted of 4 people. One held a box under their arm. 
    They walked into the once grand home. There was a dark stain on the floor near the door that looked suspiciously red, but they put it down to disrepair. William led the group to what looked like a family room. It was lavishly furnished. Everything was in perfect condition- with the exception of a stain that looked akin to...