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Like the Wattle on the Border

PROMPT: In Motion

Though it was true that every jolt of the rolling Cherokee wheels threw the rickety old compound further out of sight and brought a slightly helpless sob into the wobbly region of her throat, there was a part of Marj’s brain that churned nonetheless with excitement and buzz. Hoisting herself to the edge of the window, where the wind beat against her nose and pricked her eyes with stunning water droplets, Marj smiled. Her skin, already deep and cocoa...

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Names, Names, Names

PROMPT: Names, Names, Names

A breakfast joint - Hams & Yams: Malay-Australian Breakfasts here everyday from 5:30 til 9:00 
A new smartphone - Infinity 9
An eyeglasses store - The Monocle Houdini 
A dog pound - Yet to Be Loved
A highway - Duncan Highway, Route A61
An island resort - Socks and Sandals Resort and Spa
A new constellation - Lucy 
A pet polar bear - Boris Humperdinck III
A nail polish color - Poisonberry Sparkle
A new butterfly species - Yaguba finisti

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Memories of the White Light: Chapter 1


I apologize for the copious number of notes here - I've included all the points that I think might be useful (or even just interesting) to you for the future revising process (and it was so interesting to think about...

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