“In the darkness, two shadows, reaching through the hopeless heavy dusk. Their hands meet, and light spills in a flood, like a hundred golden urns pouring out the sun.” -Madeline Miller, “The Song Of Achilles.”

Peer Reviews

Beginner's Guide to a Hellish Retreat

PROMPT: Down the Rabbit Hole

I think you said in your message to readers that you don’t feel very confident in your writing ability? You definitely should have some confidence! I found myself snorting and laughing my way through this thing, while also getting enthralled in the world building that you’ve done! Great job all around!

6 months

On the mountain, over the Lake

PROMPT: Down the Rabbit Hole

At some points in this description I have the distinct feeling that your writing gets a little bit choppy? Despite your talented descriptions, I found myself having to reread bits because it felt like they didn’t relate to the last part. In the end though, this is more a slight criticism of your prose’s presentation rather than it’s contents. Very well done altogether though!

6 months

protagonist profile

PROMPT: Protagonist Profile

Seems like you’ve also got an interesting world to work with! I’m excited to see how this character fights to right this dystopia.

6 months

Escaping Addiction


I love the emotional sense of this piece combined with Kara’s determination to protect Jamie. It’s fantastic

7 months

The Magic Mirror

PROMPT: Fantasy Writing Competition 2019

With a little bit of polish this story will be a strong contender in the competition

8 months

A Broken Piece


I really love your last line. It’s hard hitting way to finish a poem of this topic and really sounds like the type of sentence that could only be used for this specific poem. Overall, I like your message but your deliverance could use a tiny bit of work that I am very sure you’d be able to do with hindsight at your side.

12 months



I’m on a touch device so I’m finding it somewhat hard to highlight and directly comment on lines I liked but one I really really loved was “The sunlight paints our skin a kaleidoscope of colour.” I have a tendency to fixate on lines I love and I found myself rereading this one a few times. I also really enjoy the soft type of love you portray here. It’s a warm and cozy sort, nothing scorching nor cold and I feel moved by it because that’s exactly the type of love I want. In conclusion, I really enjoyed your piece and the emotions I felt while reading it.

about 1 year