I love reading books and writing. I am 15 years old and obsessed with Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes (both books and series), Twilight and Divergent. Also, music is life!

Published Work

Has anything changed? #inQuarantine(3)

This time last year, I was very happy. My final examinations of ninth grade had just gotten over and my friends came to my house and we enjoyed a lot. I went out, went to birthday parties, read books, and basically had a lot of fun. I also looked forward to tenth grade and giving board examinations. It was going to be a whole new experience for me and I was extremely excited. It was also going to be the last year of me and my friends together in one class, because we were choosing different subjects, and our classes would not be the same.

This year, a new decade, everyone was excited, until of course, the Corona virus came along. I was really excited to give my boards and fortunately I was able to finish them just in time, because after my exams, the situation became worse and all schools were shut down and some students were not able...

Writing Streak Week 1 Day 1

Deserted Streets 
India is known for its diversity and bustling population, but during these times, even the busiest streets appear empty as the citizens sit at home and catch up on Netflix shows, reading, and so on. Even going to the nearest markets to buy essentials has become a threat, but the people and government's combined efforts would surely lead them to success!

RELAX. #NinjasContest_3_short story

I'm here. Deep breaths. My heart is racing and my blood is pumping so fast that my veins may explode! The audience is expecting something from me. What if I can't give them what they expect!? What if I make a total fool of myself right now!? Oh dear God, help me. Okay, I need to get over this fear of mine.
Okay, I am speaking, that's a good start. Okay, now start playing. Great, the first note is played, and the second. There you go! This isn't so bad, is it? Let your fingers go! You know how to play the piano, you've been doing that for five years! 
Good, the song is coming to an end. Great. There, the audience is clapping. Wait, the audience is CLAPPING!? They liked it? They liked it. Oh thank God! Okay, don't cry. Go! Get off the stage.
Okay, all better.

The Tables have Turned

During this period of time, I have avoided writing about this particular issue. Not because I am scared, or unaware. I just wanted a break, to be honest. So I tried writing about other things, but I couldn't because I was consumed by guilt. I knew I wanted to write about this issue. I just could not muster up the courage to do so. I am going to write about the Corona virus. Finally.

This virus started back in December 2019 and no one thought it would go this far. Roads are deserted and empty all over the world and everyone is adopting the 'Namaste' instead of a handshake now. We never ever thought that we would live in the midst of a pandemic. Everyone thought that we had technology and that the human race was so advanced that nothing could reach us now. But it did. Nature showcased what it is capable of. 

Until recently, some people still thought...


I AM BACK!!!!! It feels so good to type away on this keyboard of mine. Its been so long! And I have so many things and ideas to write about that are not even relevant now. Regardless, I am going to write away because I have not written properly for a year because I had my board examinations. Speaking of which, my boards went extremely well and I am happy that they are over, but I did enjoy giving them. I feel very bad about the children who's exams have been postponed due to the corona virus, and I hope they are able to give their exams soon. Corona virus is something that is being talked about in every part of the world and I would like to write about it as well, but not in this piece.
I am extremely sorry that this rant is all over the place. Its just that I am so excited that I am...

Bouncing back.....soon

So I have been missing from this site for quite a while and I do not like that. I would love to amend that mistake but that will take me another two months. I love writing and reading and sometimes I find myself distracted from my studies because of them. So I have taken a small break for now just to focus on my board examinations from February to March. I have soooo many ideas planned and that keep coming to me and I have to resist the urge to open my laptop and just type away. I usually always proof read my writings and re-read them almost 2 to 3 times but this piece is unedited and Im just pouring out all the feelings that I am feeling right now. Not as if someone is eagerly waiting just for my writings out there, but I'm sorry I was gone for so long. I miss this site. All the people...

#festivites RESULTS!!!!

Finally!! They're here!!! The results are here!! So I know I took my time but honestly, first, I have my exams and second, you all are such good writers!!! I had such a hard time selecting the winners! A big thank you to all those who participated. I'm so grateful! And I'm also sorry for using so many exclamation points, I'm just sooo excited!! Okay so on with the results...
1st Place
Charisse Marison- 3 Marshmallows #festivities
Oh My God! This was such a brilliant and heartwarming piece! Greattt job! I absolutely love the way you showcase the character as a child and then come back to the present. It shows how a person grows up and distances them from traditions. Its beautiful. Thank you for participating!!
2nd Place
MimiChoudhury- Two Strangers #festivities
This piece was absolutely magical and stole my breath. I love reading short stories like this. It was sweet and simple but really heartwarming. Thank you...


Submissions for my contest #festivities are officially closed!! Thank you to all of you who participated or at least tried to write something even if you were not able to enter. I honestly did not expect more than two to three entries but I got ELEVEN entries! Excuse me!? ELEVEN ENTRIES!? I'm sorry I can't contain myself I'm so happy!! Again a very big thank you to everyone who took part and encouraged me to do this contest, I'm very grateful to all of you. These are the lovely angels that participated in my contest- (Please excuse the links I'm a disgrace to our tech savvy generation and know next to nothing about computers)
1. caityege- https://writetheworld.com/groups/1/shared/131201/version/251979
2. MimiChoudhary- https://writetheworld.com/groups/1/shared/108277/version/252129
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4. FoxLilly106- https://writetheworld.com/groups/1/shared/131313/version/252222
5. DaBolo - https://writetheworld.com/groups/1/shared/133483/version/256981
6. Ananyaa- https://writetheworld.com/groups/1/shared/111540/version/257928
7. Aurelia.Valus- https://writetheworld.com/groups/1/shared/134043/version/257933
8. BurningMidnightOil- https://writetheworld.com/groups/1/shared/134471/version/258887
9. Samina- https://writetheworld.com/groups/1/shared/134654/version/259671
10.Charisse Marison- https://writetheworld.com/groups/1/shared/131315/version/252230
11.Aspiring Author- https://writetheworld.com/groups/1/shared/132090/version/253681   
Again a HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to everyone for...

My wish came true!! Happy Halloween!!

So a few minutes ago, I wrote a piece called Happy Halloween ( go and read if youre interested- https://writetheworld.com/groups/1/shared/135243/version/260392). But the point is that in this piece, I wrote how me and my childhood friends celebrated Halloween once and how I wish I could do that again.
My wish actually came true!! A while after publishing that piece, I went to the market and then came a call from my mom who called me and my sister immediately to the house and upon asking why, she told us that the two little children of our neighbors who live above us, have come to our house for trick or treat!! I got so excited that I ran to my house and there they were, looking soo cute wearing a ghost mask and devil's horns. It immediately made my day!! They were there looking adorable and shouted "Trick or treat!!!" And my heart melted. It was a small gesture but it honestly...

Happy Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!! So, I live in India and I havent seen the tradition of celebrating Halloween very elaborately here, but I do know that it is a big festival or occasion in many foreign countries and since I wished Happy Diwali (which is a big festival in India) to everyone here, I figured I should wish everyone a very Happy Halloween too!! 
I shifted from my old house two years ago and I had to part from my childhood friends but I remember our precious moments together and one of them is celebrating Halloween. We actually tried to celebrate Halloween by telling all of the parents of the children in our group to keep candies in their house and all the children will go to each parents' house. It was so much fun! I remember us dressing up like witches and scary ghosts and we all had a good laugh. I wore my favourite extravagant black gown with crystals...


So this is my first ever contest and I am very excited. I live in India and its festival season here right now- Durga Puja, Navratri, Dusshera, Diwali, and so many more to come! Also, Halloween and Christmas are coming up, so I thought what better prompt than festivals. So here goes...
PROMPT- Write about any festival you like or you have a special connection to. Anything you like about it, an incident that is close to your heart, anything. It could be a fictional character or a personal experience. It could be a story, a poem, anything, I don't mind. The festival doesn't have to be upcoming, it could be any festival, even if it has recently passed by.
WORD LIMIT- 100 to 1500 words
GENRE- Your piece could be comical, emotional, dramatic, any genre you like. But please try and avoid horror. 
If you want to...


Happy Diwali to all fellow WtW writers! For those of you who don't know, Diwali or Deepawali is a festival of lights, celebrated all over India. It gives out the message of good over evil and that evil never wins. Its celebrated by lighting diyas and candles, putting up festive lights outside our houses and bursting crackers, although the last one is now prohibited since it causes a lot of pollution and I fully support this decision. I was never much into bursting crackers anyway. Apart from that, we also wear new clothes, pray to God and thank him and eat lots of goodies and an amazing dinner of puri and sabzi. Hopefully you all get the gist of what Diwali is and how fun it is, so wishing all of you a very Happy and prosperous Diwali!!


Okay so I just want to thank everyone who is following me. Thabk you so much for 25 followers! I know its not that big a target and its not about the number of people following you, but I am so happy that some people out there like my work and enjoy what I write. You all write here and know how difficult it is- getting ideas, expressing every feeling and opinion, facing criticism and so many things. So I'm glad that these 25 people chose to follow me and encouraged me to write on. Thank you all once again!! These are the authors who are following me and to whom I'm so grateful for-
Legendary Grapes
~Kate T
mason wong
Writers of the World
Maryam Q
Charisse Marison
Aspiring Author
Thank you all so much once again!

A Rose to Remember #tellastory

Being the new kid sucked- no one knew this better than myself, Katherine Summers, the 'new girl' at my college. I was a very introverted girl as it is and this pressure of making new friends and socializing was too much for me. 
I entered the classroom and suddenly, the room fell silent, and all eyes were on me. I froze and would've fainted if they had not resumed doing whatever it is they were doing, except one boy who was still staring at me. I silently went to my seat which was unfortunately, right next to him. I tried to avoid making eye contact but I felt his eyes piercing through me like a dagger throughout the day. When the day was finally over and the last bell rang, I took a breath of relief and started packing my bag. The boy was sitting still and kept staring at me, which made me so nervous that my books slipped...

Answers to 39 important questions by K.Marie Christen

What do you want to be called?
ANS- On here, buddingauthor and in real life, Samiksha.
Where are you from?
ANS- I'm from India.
What's your favorite color?
ANS- Navy blue (but I'm open to all shades of blue...)
Who's your favorite book character?
ANS- Lucy, Tris Prior, Bella Swan, Sherlock Holmes, Katniss Everdeen and Hercule Poirot.
Who is/are your favorite author(s)?
ANS- Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, Stephanie Meyer, Suzanne Collins, Sudha Murty, Rick Riordan and Ruskin Bond.
What do you mainly like to write?
ANS- Articles and poems (though I'll try writing more stories)
Why do you write?
ANS- It helps me express my feelings, directly or indirectly and no one ever judges me. It also helps me de-stress.
What element do you feel the strongest in you?
ANS- Water or Fire
What is one piece on Write the World that you think deserves a shout-out?
ANS- There are so many of them! But the latest ones I...


My world is my school. I am in a phase of my life where I have good friends, good family and a good mood (usually). I'm a tenth grader and me and my friends will separate next year due to different streams so I want to make judicious use of this time with them. I look forward to going to school everyday and I've started to hate holidays. I enjoy it so much- the learning, my friends, and I've also become more social lately. I still hesitate to talk to new people but I've become much more outgoing and have started sharing more after being with these friends of mine. Our teachers also know us by names and have become our friends. They do maintain a formal setting but we all do have fun every once in a while. I never used to hate school, maybe when I was younger and had no friends, but otherwise alright. But now it...

My definition of Hatred #ThingsIHate

I am very grateful for everything and everyone I have in my life. But we all need to vent all our feelings once in while and let it all out. After all, complaining is extremely enjoyable.

  1. BRAGGING- I hate it when people brag! I know its not very specific and no one likes braggarts but I absolutely detest them and cannot stand them. Whenever someone starts talking about what brands they are wearing, what restaurant they went to eat in, what perfume they applied, where they got their earrings, I immediately walk out of the conversation. Their tone is what I hate the most! The 'diva' tone- "Oh my God thankyouuu! I got this from Gucci last month...."- I absolutely HATE IT!
  2. BAD SINGING- I cannot emphasize the times I wished I could just shut the mouth of a person so tightly closed that they couldn't speak again! I love listening to music, its my happy place. And it is the last thing...

Six-Word Story


I was bored, then life happened.

My definition of Hatred #ThingsIHate

I am very grateful for everything and everyone I have in my life. But we all need to vent all our feelings once in while and let it all out. After all, complaining is extremely enjoyable.

  1. BRAGGING- I hate it when people brag! I know its not very specific and no one likes braggarts but I absolutely detest them and cannot stand them. Whenever someone starts talking about what brands they are wearing, what restaurant they went to eat in, what perfume they applied, where they got their earrings, I immediately walk out of the conversation. Their tone is what I hate the most! The 'diva' tone- "Oh my God thankyouuu! I got this from Gucci last month...."- I absolutely HATE IT!
  2. BAD SINGING- I cannot emphasize the times I wished I could just shut the mouth of a person so tightly closed that they couldn't speak again! I love listening to music, its my happy place. And it is the last thing...

Distraction #sweetlybitter

Chatter of a new song on twitter,
It amazes people like a small girl with glitter.
Concerts all over towns while children play with their babysitter,
I feel, music is sweetly bitter.

No matter how hard I resist,
I always get distracted and forget that studying exists.
Listening to music always clears the mist,
But singing during exam problem still persists.

Learning lyrics is my only pass time,
Singing without a voice like a mime.
Music is beautiful poetry that rhymes,
But listening to it, now seems like a crime.



Gone are those good old days,
Living life in our carefree ways,
Dancing whenever a song plays,
No matter what anyone says.
Playing with friends day and night,
Doing what we think is right,
Daring to jump from any height,
No inhibitions in sight.
Innocence filled in those little eyes,
Too adorable to obey what the parents advise,
Not worried about life’s lows and highs,
All ready to touch the skies.
Too many beautiful memories to collect,
Life back then was almost perfect,
Excessive photo albums to protect,
Tears falling down in retrospect.

Bread and Light

My Survival Kit

Frankly speaking, I don't really know if I got the meaning of this prompt right. But if it means the things I need for my survival, well here they are-
1. Family and Friends- Cliche but true.
2. Pizza- Without this there is no purpose of life.
3. Books- Who will give me company every second of my day?
4.Notepad and a pen- I need to write down poems and stories which wouldn't be possible without these.
5. Phone/Laptop- I am not addicted to any of these but if you want to stay updated with the world and not feel like you live under a rock, you need one of these things.



Crucial Parts of My Bookshelf

So this year, my target is to read at least fifteen books, out of which I have finished only six and am trying to read two books at the same time- one borrowed from a friend, the other from a library. I did read ten amazing books last year but I would like to suggest three books I read this year. [WARNING- These suggestions are super dramatic but I promise, they are true.]

1.Title- The Rosie Project
   Author- Graeme Simsion
   Genre- Fiction, Romance
   Synopsis- This is a book which is kind of a love story, but not. I mean the main character Don, a geneticist has embarked       on a journey to find the perfect wife and has made a questionnaire called The Wife Project on the same. Then, he meets     Rosie, a girl who is opposite of all the traits he wants in a girl, and who is trying...



Someone has rightly said that "God has given us two ears and one mouth, so listen more and talk less." I too stand by this statement. Listening to someone is both a privilege and a duty of the listener. He or she is extremely lucky to be regarded so trustworthy by a person, so much that they are sharing their thoughts with them. And it is a duty because if the person has trusted us with some knowledge, we should respect it and listen to it with our full attention. 

Generous listening for me is not just listening so that the other person stops and you can keep you point. Generous listening to me is when people actually try to understand what I am saying, respect the trust of me confiding my thoughts in them, and most important, listen with a neutral perspective, not biased. Whenever I am trusting someone with my secrets, the last thing I want is for...

History Alive

The British Era

There was once a time of suffering,
British looting, plundering and governing,
Indians treated like slaves, it was smothering.

Then came in our saviour,
Khadi was the only cloth he could wear,
Helped South Africa fight off their fear,

Mahatama Gandhi was his name,
Not one to be overwhelmed with fame,
Unity was his only aim.

No unity all we saw was factions,
No one really had any plan of action,
Took away all our textiles and attractions.

Their anthem was divide and rule,
We used ahinsa to show them we are no fools,
They will have to pay for taking away our precious jewel.

Finally we were free,
After two hundred years of being ruled without a decree,
26th January is our day of victory!



Growing up, school was never a place for which I was excited. I never cried or cribbed about school, I just didn't like it that much. But it all changed in seventh grade. In nursery and kindergarten I used to get along really well with other kids but the first grade came and my social life became non existent. I was and still am a studious, chubby and introverted girl with specs. I love to read and since I had no friends, I devoted most of my time studying. A lot of children used to bully me, others made friends with me just so they could use me. I would come home unhappy and cry almost everyday. My life wasn't horrible. My parents and my sister supported me and we all had a lot of fun time together but it was school I struggled with.
I was shuffled in first grade which is by far the worst class I have...

Holi- The festival of colours

The festival of colours is approaching nearer, 
Everything clean like a spick and span mirror,
Rangoli designing competitions ready to announce their winner,
Excitement eating me up like in a thriller.

Happiness bubbling up inside,
Guests start arriving from worldwide, 
Vendors selling colours filled with pride,
Preparation of hot gujjiyas goes on side by side.

Water balloons thrown from high buildings,
Kids playing pranks on younger siblings,
So much water feels like swimming,
But then we remember this is just the beginning.

Clothes and shoes all a mess,
All go home and bathe to remove the excess,
The water is a colour no one can guess,
Nonetheless, we all put on our fancy dress.

Feeling all fresh again after cleaning,
People assemble yet again with their smiles beaming,
Everyone is excited for eating,
Steaming hot puri, halwa and gujjiya is what everyone is dreaming.

At the day end all enjoy and have a blast,
No one seems downcast,
All inhibitions...


I recently watched another new Bollywood movie and it was a decision I did not regret. I am not a movie critic and don't know anything about the direction, cinematography and all those other fancy terms. I just know that I liked the movie and I wanted to share it with others just in case they wanted to watch it. The name of the movie is Badla and actor Amitabh Bachchan and the incredible Tapsee Pannu.
This movie is perfect if anyone is looking for a good thriller, crime and suspense. Being an Agatha Christie fan I love crime and thriller and this movie kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. The critics obviously took a lot of important things into consideration and gave it a solid four stars out of five. The ending is quite predictable but the manner in which the crime is solved and done is remarkable. At every moment I was trying to guess the...


The 'Me' List

  1. Be confident. Speak for yourself and stop thinking about what others will think of you. Put your opinion forward and know that it does matter.
  2. Be happy. Start being happy for yourself and not for others. If someone likes something, doesn't mean you should. It's your choice.
  3. Dance. Stop being shy and dance your heart out when you have the chance. Dance, sing and live!
  4. Read. Read that book that you have been meaning to read for all this time. Don't wait for a holiday or free time. Utilise the time now and just read the book.
  5. Exercise. You know your body needs that exercise to keep you happy, healthy and fit. Just wake up and go for it. Over thinking and laziness will just make it worse and impossible for you to do it. 
These are somethings that if I do always I feel myself, I feel happy and I feel on top of the world!

Op-Ed Competition 2019

I Too Have a Dream

So I have written about this in the Strike prompt as well, but briefly. I would like to give the whole country education. It is one of my wishes that all the citizens of my country, be it a billionaire, or a farmer, to be educated. I go to school and I know how important it is to get an education. Education has helped me realise what my dream is and has given me a platform to achieve it. There is a slum area near to where I live and I see how hard working the people who live there are. But as soon as someone talks about education or school, most of them have not attended it or are not interested. Some children who want to study and be something are restricted from going to school because their parents think that it is a waste of time and they are better off helping their parents. While some children are given a...

Holi- The festival of colours

The festival of colours is approaching nearer, 
Everything clean like a spick and span mirror,
Rangoli designing competitions ready to announce their winner,
Excitement eating me up like in a thriller.

Happiness bubbling up inside,
Guests start arriving from worldwide, 
Vendors selling colours filled with pride,
Preparation of hot gujjiyas goes on side by side.

Water balloons thrown from high buildings,
Kids playing pranks on younger siblings,
So much water feels like swimming,
But then we remember this is just the beggining

Am I sure?

I need some clothes to keep me warm,
But so many options to choose from,
I would rather wear a uniform,
Utter confusion sweeps my mind like a snowstorm.

Going to a restaurant for a treat,
So many delicacies that I may overeat,
No idea what I want to eat,
Without indecisiveness, my day is incomplete.

Will I be able to score?
Or will I cry on the bathroom floor?
Maybe my eyes will be sore,
Or maybe I'll buy the whole candy store.

Tiny decisions to ensure,
This or that is always a blur,
I wonder if there is a cure,
Am I ever sure?


The Patriot In Me

Recently, 13 days ago precisely, India was bombed by some terrorists in Pulwama district of Kashmir. This attack came to be known as the Pulwama attack. About 40 Indian soldier's lives were sacrificed and many were injured. There were strikes all over the country, but we could not do anything except mourn and pray for their families. This attack was truly a tragedy and was a reminder for us all about the danger the army goes through for us, risking their lives.

Yesterday, my mom came home from work and immediately switched on the television and the Pulwama attack was all over the news. I asked her what happened and she told me that India had successfully completed an air strike on the terrorist camps. My interest in the Army, Navy and the Air Force has already increased due to the various movies I have watched and it helped me learn how to respect the Jawaans (soldiers). We sat in front of the television for...

Book Review Competition 2019

My Must Read!

My must read book is They Do It With Mirrors by Agatha Christie. Whenever we speak about the Queen Of Crime, we always think of Murder on the Orient Express or Death on the Nile, but I would like to add another, They Do It With Mirrors.
This book changed my perspective on things and the way I usually saw things. It was so captivating and I could imagine the scenes, the places, even if I hadn't visited them, as if I was there. The characters that have been depicted here, seem so realistic and do not feel like a part of a fiction novel, but a part of my life. The story builds up slowly, but once you reach the crime scene, you are on the edge of your seat and it is extremely hard to put the book down.
The reason why this book stood out to me is because of how realistic people or the characters are....

Library Magic

A Magical World

Libraries are the epitome of wisdom, thoughts and opinions. It has given all that have entered it, a brand new experience and enlightenment.
Personally, library was, and still is a favourite period and I never miss it. It was the place where I developed my taste of reading and writing. The fresh of old and new pages the moment I enter a library is a scent I will never forget. I was a lonely child in my earlier classes and didn't really have a lot of friends, so library was a place where I could be me, not talk to anyone, and no one would judge me as a nerdy, lonely girl. Library holds a special place in my heart because this was the place that I never got bored of and that helped me through the years when I had no friends. This was the place which led me to my passion- writing and introduced me to a world I never dreamed of- The World of Readers and Writers. It made...

Small Yet Beautiful

Okay, so this might sound weird to a lot of people and it frankly, has no point. This idea just came out of the blue. I hope it's worth reading.

Recently I have started noticing small details of everything. A few days ago, me and my dad set up a small bonfire in our balcony since we live on the sixteenth floor, we didn't have any other place. After loads of effort, we finally started the fire and then I noticed the black charcoal, burning and giving out heat. It was so beautiful- the black charcoal slowly turning a bright orange and then, when the fire died, a light grey. It was also the night and I could see the colours so beautifully. I wonder how this small black substance gives us so much- warmth, diamonds, fuel, and more! It's astonishing! It reminded me of a volcano erupting. The orange lava gracefully flowing onto the greenish-brown volcano and for a minute, made me...

Dreams Change

People grow and change.
All I wanted was to become an astronaut,
But now, that seems strange.

Now I understand the complications.
Developing tastes and interests,
But everyone judges your actions.

No time left for fun.
So many scattered interests,
But my dream should be chosen.

The pressure is kicking in.
One career for the rest of my life,
Where should I begin?

My thoughts are now rearranged.
So I think it's safe to say,
My dreams have changed.


Republic Day

So, today is India's Republic Day. This was the day our Constitution came into effect after independence.
We often forget the people because of whom we sleep soundly at our homes. our problems seem so small as compared to theirs. They are the real heroes- the Soldiers of our country. The Army, the Navy, and the Air Force, all our defence forcesare the real heroes and the people responsible for saving our lives.

Yesterday, me and my family went for a movie called Uri- The Surgical Strike. After seeing that movie I realised how selfish and self centered I am. I only want to protect myself and my family but those soldiers leave their families for years, do not even talk to them through phones for days sometimes, and ready to give up their lives for their country and its people.

They save our country from war and fights everyday and whenever they win a war, they are extremely happy,...


My Revolution

If I were to leave school and protest against an issue, that issue would definitely be to stop poverty. Ever since I was very young I've heard that there are a lot of people below poverty line, etc. But other than giving them some food and clothes, I have never heard any solution from anyone. I would protest for their education- even adults. I will not give them shelter, or clothes or anything I would like to give them education and see what they will do with their knowledge. How they themselves will improve the conditions they live in. 

Music- The Lifesaver

“Without music, life would be a mistake” is a quote rightly said by Friedrich Nietzsche. Indeed, what would life be without music?

I am not a musician and do not know a lot about it too but whatever I do know, intrigues me more than anything. I even used to learn music when I was in 6th grade. It has been three years and I have not touched my piano. I feel very bad that I stopped playing and singing. I even tried again, but the cliched excuses, I cannot find time because of exams.

Music is magical and beautiful. All the lyrics are composed in an elegant manner with the perfect tune suiting them, it is very fascinating to me. Music is not everyone's cup of tea- to understand the rhythm, every beat, meaningful lyrics and so much more. It is a gift that should be cherished and taken well taken care of. I get captivated for hours while listening to music and...

The Wonders of Winter

Many people usually sulk and imagine a dull, dark environment whenever one talks about winters. It is a common misconception, or I should say perception of the people, that winters are soulless or emotionless. Well, personally I think winter is one of the most beautiful seasons of all.

Winter has the most beautiful sunsets of all, regardless of wherever we are. The vibrant colours of the sun perfectly balance the almost cloudless sky and gives us an amazing view to look at. One can never forget the serenity that the winter brings with it- the stillness in the air soothes me and helps me focus. Even the haze and fog gives me a sense of adventure, especially while travelling when we cannot see the roads clearly. I think of winters as the no-mess season. Summers are messy with the hot and humid climate, and the evening rush. Specially in a country like India where the temperatures are soaring high, the humidity agitates...