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America the Beautiful


They came on ships, sailing in
Who were they? What did they want?
They were looking for land, 
    for gold, 
            for silver, 
                    for diamonds.
        For treasures, 
for food,
            for water, 
                        for game.
                For rivers, 
for mountains, 
        for plains, 
                    for forests-
For all that we had, and some that we didn’t.
This is not ours, and this is not theirs. 
This is Her’s, and only Her’s.

So what did they do?

They threw a fit like a baby.

We tried to...

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Real Red

PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2020

Red is the color of passion,
The kind of love that brings two together.
But also the color of betrayal,
That tears them apart with bloody knuckles.

Red is the color of friendship,
The kind with pinky promises and sleepovers,
But also the color of a wound,
As sirens flood the halls of knowledge.

Red is the color of new beginnings,
The kind with a second chance at a new life.
But also the color of hatred,
Racism that splits...

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PROMPT: One Home

Tide down, he’s all tied up,
bound by noxious waste.
Another victim claimed,
an exhibit of our harm.
Ruins of mankind:
digested by our being.

Bare water, a bear in water,
swimming for her life.
only Silence.
...and the breaking of waves.
Wildlife of the Arctic:
melting into graves.

Buy this, made by them!
tainted morals of corporations.
All life
by a thickening smog.
A constant flow of emissions-
poisoning every breath.

We must top this Toxic Waste ...

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