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An 18 year old girl (INTP-A) currently in university for Computer Engineering. Always had a passion for storytelling from a young age. Not the most girly, more likely to be found outside covered in dirt then in makeup and in a dress to be honest.

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Just got my very own website for my writes up! :D If you want to check it out, here's the URL: https://sinclairwrites.wixsite.com/blog. It's still new, but going to be active on it!
Hope you're doing well in life. :)

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Mixtape List

Music has always been a constant in my life. From my mom playing acoustic guitar on the porch the evenings to an escape when things got too hectic, music is a memory maker.

Here's a list of some of my favorites:

  • My Demons by Starset
  • The Judge by Twenty One Pilots
  • Hello my old Heart by The Oh Hello's
  • Smithereens by Twenty One Pilots
  • Impossible Year by Panic! at the Disco
  • Seven Nation Army by The White Strips
  • Lollipop by MIKA
  • Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz
  • Dying in LA by Panic! at the Disco
  • Take Me Anywhere by Nate Wants to Battle
  • Natural by Imagine Dragon
  • Burned Out by Dodie Clark


It all happened too quickly. We had a case just like usual. The unsub is a psychopath named Morgan Khrushchev. They had several victims before it was recognized to be all the same person. Morgan tortures their victims to the brink of death multiple times over the course of exactly a month from when they were taken. A mangled corpse would then show up in crowded places with no evidence as to who dumped it there. After the first two corpses were found, the third had a note in his pocket. It was a taunting note, not just to the police but also the victim’s family. Morgan signed it with their full name. However, despite knowing exactly who the killer is, we’ve been unable to track them down. That’s how it had been for almost a year, but this time Morgan messed up.

The most recent victim was able contact help from where she was being held. She was being...

Open Prompt

A Writer and A Character

This is the story of a man. A boy really. He isn't a hero. He isn't super strong or brave or smart. He's just a normal boy.

"Wow. Thanks for the pep talk."

Stop talking. You're interrupting my introduction.

"You mean the one where you talk trash about me?"

I'm telling the story here. If you're so against how I'm telling it, why don't you take over?

"Seriously? You wait until I'm in the middle of battle to offer me that choice?"

I've been busy. I haven't had a chance to get started until now. What can I say though? I try to be generous to those that just happen to be having a hard time.

"Just happen to? It's not just happen to! You did this to me! You're the creator and you set me up for this!"

The story leads it self more than I do. I let it go where it roams.

"Sounds like a lazy excuse...

Built to be a Prison

When I met Dominick for the first time, he was distant and cold. Of course, I had been immediately taken by him. Something about him made me want to be close with the dirty blond haired man, plus I'm a sucker for those I don't stand a chance with. The second time I met Dominick for the "first" time was odd. It was like deja vu. From the strict look in his eyes and the stiff posture, it felt like I had time traveled back to that first day. However, it hadn't been time travel. I had seen him get shot, but he still stood in front of me that day. It was the effects of his upbringing as an experiment by some African government I had never heard the name of before. A bullet to the head stopped him for a day or two, but while me and the rest of the team had been mourning, his body healed....

In the Wrong Place

I feel wrong. Like something about my life is out of place. Something just doesn't feel right. I keep remembering things wrong. Remembering things that have never happened, people that I've never met. They're all so vivid. In them, I'm different. I'm a girl. I see what she sees, feel what she feels, think what she thinks as if I'm the one living it.

I've always had vivid dreams, but this is crazy. I mentioned it to Ty, about how often it's happening and how it's really starting to freak me out. He didn't really know what to say. Thought maybe I should go see a counselor or maybe get an evaluation to make sure something isn't wrong.

The more vivid these dreams and daydreams are, the harder it's getting to remember everyday stuff. Like the name of my first dog. It was Henry. No, Hank. Yeah, it was Hank. Hank was a ... dalmatian? No, a retriever mix? No....