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our world has been burning for so long that we don't know the difference between arson and just living. our words can tame these fires or feed them; lets not choose the latter.

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reviews that are only include praise aren’t reviews. so, if you don’t have any constructive criticism and just want to compliment me (which I greatly appreciate) please do so in the comment section.

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if you write me review, i'd be glad to return the favor. just tell me what piece and i'll review it!

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northern downpour send your love #ekphrasis1

moon honey melting on stone tongues,
flooding throats like hoary, shattered lakes;
she’s scraping glass again, dilating in
frozen sunbeams like silken blossoms
and she’s baking prophecies at 3am,
seasoning foreign tongues like sugar rain,
imploding yawns and my seasick lungs;
she tosses kisses into a smirking sun;

hey moon please forget to fall down;
paint our ashen sky with vanilla blush
and stain her pupils this nightfall.

i'm bored here's some more shoutouts #community challenge

Ursa is the master of smirk and most of y'all won't understand that but i thought i should start off with that. anywho, ursa writes such interesting pieces. the narration in her writing is really spot on and just absolutely enthralling. here's one piece of hers that i absolutely fell in love with:

r|A|i|N is just... jesus, me trying to describe their writing will do them no justice. their figurative language is just absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking and godly and a long list of other positive adjectives that i'd love to list but really can't because that'd kill me. their poetry is so fresh and intriguing and you are living your life wrong if you don't read their beautiful poetic words. this is one of my favorite poems by them:

PhthianGold is relatively new but oh god their pieces are so lovely i'm already kinda obsessed. please please please read something by them you will not regret it...

the stunningness of some writers in this community is so overwhelming that this may sound like an incoherent mess i am so sorry #communitychallenge

PouringOutTheSun could slit my throat and honestly i'd be grateful because who wouldn't want to be killed by a fucking legend. yes that's over dramatic but who cares because it is accurate. pots is just one of a kind and if you haven't read any of here stuff then i highly suggest you do because you are missing out. here, start with this masterpiece that made me want to cry because of it's beauty:
pots is also just... a really awesome person in general? they're so kind and just a great member of the wtw community. 

Anha is just wonderful in so many different ways; it's hard to decide what to recognize first. i guess i'll start with her absolutely amazing writing. the way she can stick words together and make such wonderful writing is honestly godly. i think she's way to modest about her work and anha i respect your modesty but i swear you're way better than you...