I'm 15-years-old. Looking for a publisher :). Fictional Writer/Question Life Poetry

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I'm 15-years-old Fictional Writer/Question Life Poetry (sorta)
Give me honest feedback :p
Completely have no clue what I'm doing with life
"I want a cute, long relationship where everyone is like damn they’re still together?"

You're Gorgeous x Don't Forget To Smile :) And Have a great day Hunnies x.

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Dear Whom ever needs this.


Dear Whom Ever Needs This, 

You are beautiful/handsome, you are loved. Even if you don't believe me, it's true. Because guess what. I think you are beautiful/handsome and I love you. 

I know that the situation we are in right now is stressful and has a major effect on everyone, but we will get through this. Together and we will all be stronger afterwards. 

Always remember an arrow has to be pulled back to shoot forward. It may seem like...

Seeking Peer Reviews

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