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Peer Reviews

At last, she had burned into rebirth.

PROMPT: Beginish

this piece has a lot of potential and i believe you can improve it so much!! there may be multiple comments over one highlighted region so make sure you keep note of darker highlights. also, i know WtW isn't exactly conducive to this, but in your actual submission to your writing contest, please make sure you either indent your paragraphs or put spaces between them so they're easier on the reader's eyes! well done!

19 days

He’s crazy for her

PROMPT: Flash Fiction Competition 2019

i really think that you could make this piece even better by adding more sensory details and maybe swapping out some of the more general descriptions of the girl for richer, more vivid, more unique ones--the concept has lots of potential! p.s., each highlighted segment may have multiple comments on it

5 months

Immigrant Song

PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2019

keep writing! this was a really meaningful read and i'm glad i discovered this piece

9 months

The Lonely Pyromaniac


i really like this new draft and you are EXCELLENT at indirect characterization. there are still some things that could be clarified/expanded on or rephrased, and i think you could consider splitting this big chunk of words up into more paragraphs to make it more digestible, but i'd say this was definitely a good read overall! keep writing!

10 months

One Village's Children

PROMPT: Strike

very strong! I love the way you started with statistics. well-written & powerful

11 months


PROMPT: Six-Word Story

such a powerful sentence that I'm sure resonates with SO many people. very well done :) (sorry i didn't highlight anything, it's only 6 words & i didn't think i could analyze each one lmao)

11 months

Everything But Noise

PROMPT: Invisible Cities

i love the concept here! it's very creative and i especially love the ending, which adds some humor to an otherwise relatively serious piece. well done!

11 months

The Quickest, Most Wonderful Mistake I Have Ever Made

PROMPT: Tiny Love Story

like i noted in the highlighted parts, some transitions are a little sudden, probably because of the word limit. other than that, i think this is a very pure, sweet, fluffy story, and want to know more! good job! please feel free to comments about any questions you have :)

11 months



i'm in love with your writing and this piece only solidifies my admiration. it's powerful, emotional, and vulnerable, just overall incredible. i've been rereading this and it takes my breath away each time (as well as making me want to cry more). as always, there might be multiple highlights over a word, phrase, line, or paragraph.

12 months

the girl who fell in love #booksandbeacheswritingcontest


some of the highlighted phrases have more than one highlighted comment on them so be aware of that when reading the highlights. this is beautiful and it p much gave you the key to my heart

about 1 year

The Wrong Kind of Royal


You have so much talent! Also, some words/phrases have multiple comments on them, so be aware of that when you're skimming through what I highlighted.

about 1 year



it's just so beautifully written overall and I've always adored your writing, this just adds on to my admiration. you're extremely talented and I think this really highlights that talent.

about 1 year

Beyond the Veil of Silence - Prologue



about 1 year

Satisfaction from Unsatisfied Puzzle Pieces

PROMPT: A Pair of Poems

I like this a lot! It sounds good to me out loud, but how it sounds out loud depends heavily on the person reading it, not just the writing. It's a thoughtful piece and a reminder of our shared humanity.

about 1 year

10:50 p.m.


I just love this entire poem, it's incredible and so well-written. One question, though - what's the significance of the title?

about 1 year


PROMPT: Emotion without Feeling

Short yet accurate!

about 1 year