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Message from Writer

We did this on another account but we used the wrong email. Whoops. This is a writing club, that is hosted by two writers form Write the World, who wish to currently remain anonymous. We will post new things, at least once a week. On this club, we post contests, surveys, quizzes, fan fiction, and free writing. We hope to have people writing their opinions and anything else you want. This a chance to voice your opinions. Write free SFOW Anyone is welcome to join, as long as you fill out our survey, which asks some basic questions. Thanks!

Published Work

The First Contest

Please write a short, passionate story about a problem that you feel is a pressing matter in our world, such as abortion, hunger, poverty, etc. All submissions are due by December 25th, 2018. The word minimum is 300 words, and the word maximum is 2500 words.

1st Place: 10 Detailed Peer Reviews and 5 comments
2nd Place: 5 Detailed Peer Reviews and 3 comments
3rd Place: 3 Detailed Peer Reviews and 1 comment

Thank you!

User Survey

Please answer in the comments with ONE comment answering all of these questions 
1.) What's your username? 
2.) How long have you been on Write the World for?  
3.) How many pieces have you written? 
4.) What are your favorite genres to write?  
5.) What are your favorite genres to read 
6.) What genres do you not like to read? 
7.) What genres will you refuse to read and write? 
8.) Are there any topics that make you uncomfortable? If so, please tell which ones. 
9.) What is your commenting and peer review style? Are you more of a "Great job," person, or are you more of someone who is harsh, or likes to help? 

Thank you so much for completing this, and we hope you enjoy our club!