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eighteen and chilling

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bong water

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more like sickarus

(icarus-centered poetry. more to come probably)

i said that you were icarus
and i, the sun and sea
you are the one who fell
i didn't see the irony

icarus, with wings of wax
fly for just a while
pretend you're still aloft
and that your grimace is a smile

drifting in your lover's grip
only to find it burned
you learned, as you fell, that the pain
was none of his concern

open letter to teenage immortal

take out yr bible and an ice pick
i’m in eden feeling homesick

teenage immortal,
they’ll let you into heaven if you go there on a gurney
but it’s not the destination, i’ve been told that it’s the journey

(if From Eden wuz lonely)

visiting eden, i’m told i should go
sure it’s paradise but it’s never home
can’t help but sin cuz i’m accident prone
i’m visiting eden but sleeping alone

god among men

(guy fieri enters, shirt and pants adorned with flames. his eyes sweep the area, and he visibly relaxes upon realizing that he is alone)
Guy Fieri: Seven thousand years, I have watched the world spin. Every rotation seems slower than the last- I am chained to Time, and she is a mistress more sadistic than Death herself. Acclaim, wealth, notoriety- all of these I have gained and lost over lifetimes, and they seem hollow goals, after all. Forced to watch the flawed creatures that inhabit my planet, I can be a lone bystander no longer. Sun above, you have watched, as I have, as they falter, and you have done nothing. Let it not be said that I stood by as they fell- I intend to assist them. By my guidance, they shall come to Flavortown. Though surely there are better guardians, more suited to the task, I see none but myself taking the role. Cowards! Moon and stars, watch...

she's so lovely,

persephone, with a smile that summons forth the spring
'tis not the season, it is you that causes birds to sing

the sun lingers when you're near, it is infatuated
by the awestruck silence that your presence has created

i'll attempt capturing in verse, how your beauty takes my breath
and hope these words suffice, from a simple god of death