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PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition: 2021

They call me a dandelion.

They call me a dandelion because I used to have a golden nest of petals, nectar rich as the culture on a pedestal beneath my skin.

There was a time when each casual phrase was worth praise from my Chinese kin because “wow, your speaking is great for a foreigner!”

I used to have a world to myself, glowing with secrets in scarlet lanterns - I’d make people’s heads turn with the bright red...

Seeking Peer Reviews

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The Last Chocolate Cake


The end of the world fell on Piya’s birthday.

“I want to bake a chocolate cake with you and nanna,” she had told me—doe-eyed, earnest.

"We can’t, silly. Flour and eggs have all been shipped off to Mars. Asteroid Doomsday, remember?"

The Martian colony would keep things going, not that it mattered. No one cared about the future if they weren’t going to be a part of it. Even the news networks had gone silent three days ago—Earth was a...

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three AM


the kind of silence you can't imagine,
where the window grate is off because even errant moths sleep
so you can strain your eyes for stars (you see some, others are just beyond suburban light pollution)
and think about how it's
funny how neither wind nor trees make noise by themselves

you won't remember standing here in the morning,
torso half-out skinny window catching cool reprieve from your stifling bedroom
challenging the outside to hear your singing on tiptoes


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threads of 3:37 PM

PROMPT: Mid-March Grab Bag

grab bag prompt: write about what you imagine people across the world are doing at the exact time you’re writing this piece (ex: 2:35 on a Tuesday). (by almost flora kane)
It's 3:37 PM on a Friday and an opposite hemisphere tucks someone into bed, moonlight beaming in through a shaft in the window, a patch of their dozing head caught in the spotlight.

It's 3:37 PM on a Friday and the shadowy corners of the pub offer...

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emotional stability

PROMPT: March Grab Bag

grab bag prompt: an acrostic poem (in which each letter spells out a word or phrase) with your username (by BriRiley)

show them only once you've pondered
every last detail
to near perfection, the gloss 
of lamination worth suppressing
need for validation - 
ink smudges, hold my hand and guide me through the
nooks and crannies of this fragile artistry.

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