I'm a medical student in my 2nd year. Medicine could get really boring and tiring. Writing is my escape.

Message from Writer

Hiiiiii there!
Uhm... While I like to think of myself as a writer, I know there's soooo much for me to learn!
I hope therefore, to explore uncharted territories and find challenges amongst others, in a pool of such young, vibrant, and intellectual minds like ours.

Published Work

Polar Opposite

<Inserts title that fits>

It's 3am on a Sunday. I'm wide awake after a lofty 2 hours of sleep. My insomnia's worse on other days. The lambent rays of the full moon filter through my ajar window. The scintillating stars dazzle the sky in their gazillions. I'm not in awe. The sight is not at all beautiful. It's just... There I look to my side and I see Cole: My younger brother with the perfect life. He's sleeping shirtless, and nonetheless sweating lightly. Bruno's asleep with his limp tongue of his mouth. The weather must be hot, but I don't feel it. My soul's frostbitten and it keeps me warm on the hottest days. 

Up your sleeves...

"I love you", the brooding words eventually escaped his alluring lips.  The immediate assemblage of disdain, surprise, and the streak of euphoria, failed at contorting the beautiful lineaments of her heavenly face.  "What the hell?! You're mad! We only just met! JEEZ!..." she yelled so much, the tint of euphoria disappeared! She'd gone totally ballistic.  Disregarding her rants, he slowly carefully rolled his right sleeve up.   Utterly confused at his reaction, her rants died a slow natural death...   "Lookie"... The baritone succeeded the smug look on his face.  His index finger was pointing at the tattoo on his anterior forearm. It was a beautiful heart that had all the colors of the rainbow. "Forgive me luv. While I don't wear my heart on my sleeve, I sure do come close! "  They're happily married today!  

Turned to Stone


I'm running. I'm running with lightening speed. I'm walking on water. I'm lightweight, and I'm flying.  Shoot... Am I dead?