I'm a medical student in my 2nd year. Medicine could get really boring and tiring. Writing is my escape.

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Hiiiiii there!
Uhm... While I like to think of myself as a writer, I know there's soooo much for me to learn!
I hope therefore, to explore uncharted territories and find challenges amongst others, in a pool of such young, vibrant, and intellectual minds like ours.

Peer Reviews

The Beast Awakens


It's an amazing piece! I like that you've left your readers with a lot of things to infer... Who said loose ends need be tied off?

about 1 year

dear future me


*that little girl... I would have thought it should be "this little girl", being she's the one writing? Then again, I've read it like a thousand times. It seems quite ambiguous. I mean... You're writing to your future self afterall. If you could tell your future self you wish you told you you're amazing, errr... Or maybe I'm just confused!

over 1 year