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Wake up, d a y d r e a m e r

Message from Writer

Hi there! I'm a kind of awkward ambivert, who loves to read and write. I joined Write the World after my friend recommended it to me, and I'm here to expand my horizons a little. I'm certainly not the best writer out there, and I think there will be a good number of things I can learn from this interesting community :)

Published Work

Mask ON. Mask OFF.

Turn off the lights.

                                                        No, leave them on.

Scared of being alone?

                                                        Who were you again?

Take off your mask.

                                                        Where does it end, and where do I begin?

 Running like a rat? Ridiculous.

                                                        Does it matter if I am?

                                                        In the end,

                                                        I am always

                                                        t e l l i n g

                                                        e v e r y o n e

                                                           n o t h i n g


Love After Love

Lost My Way

My mum ignores my affection,
My dad is never at home,
My friends are across the ocean,
My home has now grown cold.

Every saint has a past,
Every sinner has a future,
Every person has a story,
Every day will always end.

I don't know how to live,
I don't know how to let go,
I don't know how to decide,
I don't know what to do.

I've been feeling down lately,
The future doesn't look bright,
I'm wandering in the darkness,
Searching for the light.

My December Competition 2019

The First Snow

    I push the heavy curtains blocking the doorway to La Bamba forward, the cold air rushing past me and into the entry way of the restaurant. I hold the curtains for my friends, and they each utter a "Thanks" as they exit La Bamba. We re-group properly once everyone is through, and stand on the pavement together, watching the snow fall from the sky. It doesn't rain often in Beijing, let alone snow. Winter winds are usually biting and dry. One winter, the skin on my face got so dried out, it peeled off in patches.
    The snowflakes melt the second they land on my face, and I stick my tongue out to catch one, but wind up getting a snowflake in my right eye instead. I blink furiously, and Andrew Shen turns to me with a grin on his face.
    "You might be enjoying it now, but we're gonna struggle seeing through our glasses later."
He's right. It's only...

Why I Write

Why I Write

I write when I am bored, or just for fun.
I write to bring smiles, even if it's a simple pun.
I write to express the real me.
I write to escape reality.
I write to preserve memories.

YOU in threes

Me in Threes

  1. Three quirks or idiosyncrasies.
    Lip biting, leg bouncing, twisting rings I wear on my right middle finger using my right thumb when I'm bored.
  2. Three communities to which you belong (these can be unusual).
    Bisexual, being a British-born Chinese, insomniac.
  3. Three adjectives your peers would use to describe you.
    Nice, helpful, smart.
  4. Three adjectives your family would use.
    Cheeky, empathetic, moody.
  5. Three adjectives you would use.
    Snarky, sarcastic, sad.
  6. Three things about you that very few people know.
    I have shoplifted before (I'm not proud of it, and it was not justifiable), I'm bisexual, and I really don't like someone (who I used to consider a friend) in my class.
  7. Three beliefs you hold.
    Smiles and laughter are fine, but don't ever forget your poker face. Think before you speak. "Karma" is real.
  8. Three questions you have.
    What can I achieve in the future? Will it ever be safe to be "out", to more people? Why am I so judgemental,...