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I love music, writing, and art. Music makes my soul feel alive and writing is the way I cope with things in my everyday life. I pour my feelings into writing, so I hope you like it. :)

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Anything you would like to share with me, please do. I am open to suggestions on any of my writing and would love to hear feedback from you. Thanks!

Published Work

With Him

I love you.
Not for what you have,
But what you choose to give
To people like me. 
I love you.
Not for what you are made of,
But what you have made of me.
The things you make me feel,
You open my emotions
That I hope every day to conceal.
I love you.
For the part of me
That feels better,
When you are around.


Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
We were together
Until you found someone new.
I found something you lack,
You aren’t the person I once knew.
I write about you
When I get a flashback.
You are always there,
And I hope you are aware
Of what you have done.
I think you already know,
That you can’t find
Someone like me.
No matter how much you look
In someone else.
You are sad that you can’t find
A kind of love
Or care

I had for you.
And you know good and well
I would never go back
To someone like you.

I'm Yours

You call me beautiful
Even though I’ve had my heart
Broken before.
You are so cute
And seem so perfect.
The way you hold me
Makes my thoughts fade away.
I wait until I see you again
Each and every day.
People just use me
But you make me feel
Something that is new to me.
I’m not used to this
I don’t know what to do.
And yet, you are okay with it .
You show me in every way
That you will never go away.
That you will forever
Be here to stay.
You call me yours.
I have never been
Someone’s before.

A Note From Me To You

When you have someone special,
You need to remember
To care for them.
Share moments with them,
And love them more than anything.
Don’t ever take them for granted.
You can lose people in a
Split second.
Follow your heart.
And even if you are
A ways apart,
You need to be smart
And wait for them.
Show them what real love
Is supposed to feel like.

Breathe Again

You are like a breath of fresh air
After a rainstorm. 
When I inhale deeply,
I feel so alive. 
So full
Of life
Of love
Of peace. 
And there are no worries. 
The fresh air fills my lungs
And it captivates me.
I could wish nothing more
Than for you to forever
Be my breath of fresh air. 


I am Black
I am white.
I am
And I know,
You may think that
They aren't alike.
But I am human
Just like everyone else.
I wasn’t always enough for people,
When I was a kid
They always wanted more.
I was always the one
To always get ignored.
I was born
An in-between child.
I was small, born with white skin.
But in the hood,
It’s like you gotta be black
To fit in.
I am black,
But I have white skin.
It’s alright though,
I don’t have to fit in.
Being born like this was kinda rough.
But you will learn as you grow up,
That things won’t ever be right
And you gotta stay tuff.
But I am better now,
I love who I am.
And in the end,
The only thing that matters
Is who I am within.
I am loving, caring, and kind.
I am white
I am black
I am


Try and keep your head up.
I know you wanna
Just give up.
But don't be ashamed
To cry.
You always wonder why,
But you gotta stay tough.
Because life, 
Well it's pretty rough.
it's okay 
To not be okay. 
I know that people, 
They don't always stay.
Child don't worry,
You will be something 

Please, Keep Smiling

I love it
When you smile. 
Seeing you glow
When you talk about something you love. 
Hearing you laugh
Makes me feel good. 
Because most of the time 
I know 
That I did something dumb 
To cause it. 
Your happiness
Makes me happy. 
I want nothing but the best
For you. 
Because you mean 
Absolutely everything 
To me. 


It's funny how a song, 
Can be so relatable. 
It's almost like we are inflatable
Balloons just wondering 
Around this Earth. 
We have been told to be careful
Of things around us since birth. 
If someone pops us, 
We could explode.
Into a million pieces, 
And never be put 
Back together again. 

Familiar Faces

It's in the silence,
Where I feel most myself. 
Nothing is bothering me
My thoughts just overflow,
Like a waterfall in my brain.
It's in the crowd,
Where I feel most alone.
Stuck in a sea,
Of unfamiliar faces.

Trust Issues

Salt looks like sugar. 
That's why I have trust issues
With people like you.
You get close to people 
And slowly use them 
Without anyone knowing. 
Then you stab them in the back 
Just like that. 
And treat them 
As If they were nothing
All along. 

Familiar Faces

It's in the silence
Where I feel most myself 
Nothing is bothering me
My thoughts just overflow
Like a waterfall in my brain
It's in the crowd
Where I feel most alone
Stuck in a sea 
Of unfamiliar faces


That is what I was
When you left me with that guy. 
All alone at home
And you would just 
Roam elsewhere the whole time. 
I was just a child. 
Later on
My emotions were piled.
High like a mountain 
I thought I could never get over. 
Things were even worse 
When you had a hangover. 
From the night before
With all that drinking. 
I've been thinking, Why my life was like this. 
Why did I have to go through all this? 
My past is just to much 
To haul on my shoulders. 
My thoughts just smolder 
In my head.
Mostly late at night 
When I'm in bed. 

Open Prompt

Broken Again

My heart was like a vase. 
Being held in your hands,
Was not a safe and stable place. 
You dropped me,
And I shattered
Into a million pieces
All over again.