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I'm just another socially awkward human trying to write and... do stuff. Yeah.

Published Work

Novel Writing Competition 2018

Not Human (Excerpt)

    The canteen was loud and rowdy, with people shouting across tables and the smell of fried chicken wafting out of the small kitchen. Everyone was busy eating or socializing with their fellow agents. But all of a sudden, the comfortable and boisterous atmosphere was shattered by a piercing interruption.
    “Swift, report to my bunk pronto,” a loud voice practically screamed from overhead. The chatter and laughter from everyone in the canteen immediately stopped and some even let out small yelps. Someone screamed and jumped five feet into the air, getting whoops and claps from those around him. Nobody in the Shadow Order had gotten used to the intercom, despite the fact that Bullet had installed the system two months ago and had used it for announcements such as “Everybody, report to the shelter immediately! This is a drill. I repeat, this is a drill” to “Everybody, I just took a huge dump and it felt so good!”
    Sometimes his...