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Well, I'm male. I laugh. I know God. But more importantly for you,
I make my own music,
I code my own games,

I write my own stories--
and that's why I'm here. I have lots to say, and this is the place to say it.

Message from Writer

Reading is for noobs.
Stop reading.
Go write ur own story. I've got mine, and I could post it, but no one wants the whole thing. Rather, I like to put myself in new shoes. YOU TRY IT!

--Write about that time you got lost in a forest. Of metropolitical complications.

--Or, on the other hand, that one time when you jumped into a pool of lava and lost all your items (lol).

The world is wrong, and you are right. BUT WHY? Because you have the perspective necessary to change the world.

Peer Reviews



Overall, this piece sounds beautiful. If your aim was to mystify, you did that extremely well. This could be written to be more engaging and clear, if I were to give any criticism.

about 1 year



This poem makes me imagine a tailor (because of the "blouses") who lives in a dystopia. Why a tailor, though? There has to be a more relevant title. "Weak" might describe the final line, but is that line meant to have so much emphasis? It doesn't seem like the entire poem hinges on that one line. For example "Nightmare" might be a better descriptive title. It refers to the crisis AND the sleeping. It's just an example, though.

about 1 year



I LOVE THE TITLE! Introduces the mood well and invites readers to read like so. Brilliant!

over 1 year