United States of America

Well, I'm male. I laugh. I know God. But more importantly for you,
I make my own music,
I code my own games,

I write my own stories--
and that's why I'm here. I have lots to say, and this is the place to say it.

Message from Writer

Reading is for noobs.
Stop reading.
Go write ur own story. I've got mine, and I could post it, but no one wants the whole thing. Rather, I like to put myself in new shoes. YOU TRY IT!

--Write about that time you got lost in a forest. Of metropolitical complications.

--Or, on the other hand, that one time when you jumped into a pool of lava and lost all your items (lol).

The world is wrong, and you are right. BUT WHY? Because you have the perspective necessary to change the world.