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i like many shows and in very many fandoms i am the girl that will sing my heart out if no one hears... i am the girl that moved from Kansas i'm the girl that wants to be author and never lose hope....

Message from Writer

i would only wish for the best on everyone on here because i know everyone here is a awesome writer so what EVER you do
promise me you wont stop writing no matter WHAT gets in your way ....

Published Work


Despite how I stand tall
In my thoughts
I feel like I'm nothing at all
Darkness consumes me
And I want to crawl into a ball

The End

I stood there silently in darkness as her eyes fell on me...
i felt my sins crawling on my back her eyes felt like daggers revealing the truth
i regret everything
in a ghastly voice the girl talked to me
Do you think you are above consequences?
 YES           NO

One Sentence Story


Nothing stays the same even the ideas in our brain.

Me going crazy over Undertale

If you love a game buy it if you don't have the money for it wrote a story about it .......

I am a Plane

i wait
i run
i spread
my wings

Mysteries Abound

Mysteries Abound

we don't know what lies in the future
we certainly don't now if people tend to repeat past mistakes
we don't know if there are more worlds out there like ours 
we don't know when humans first started existing on earth
we don't know right from wrong 
we don't know how other people lives are 
we absolutely don't know how to treat each other without hurting ourselves or the other person
we don't know how to take care of this planet
we don't know anything
we don't know



why did i choose the name fantasy writer over everything i could have named myself on this site?
the obvious answer could be that i love both fantasy and writer 
or that i named myself over a OC that i made a long time ago for mlp
i could name myself my real name to not be hidden in the dark francesca
or i could have chosen my favorite characters like erza scarlet the doctor or even fluttershy
or go on a random generator site to pick my name but no i chose this name
because this name will always be apart of me and represent the author/writer side of me that barely anyone notices or sees at school this is my place where i come down from a fight where i cry when my heart gets broken where i go crazy trying to solve life or problems that i have or hell a few times i was brave enough...

Life Sucks doesn't it

when you lose yourself in silly foolish things you feel like you fall deeper and deeper into a black abyss unable to reach out and save yourself from what's to come and then you change then your whole life feels like nothing for no reason at all maybe imaginations takes over and you can't tell the difference from dreaming and reality but yet you just keep on trying and trying and you fall deeper and deeper and you decide to finally tell .....and yet you can't find what you're looking for anymore so really life sucks doesn't it?

Just Because

you don't realize how much you can change in a school year until its hits you like a bullet ......

my whole way of thinking changed ........

all my anger all my vengeance every time i was ever annoyed or tick offed with someone dispersed

i felt sorry for how i acted for everything......

i felt like the worse person in the entire world....

i felt like such a stupid and foolish person

i wanted to change that day i wanted to bring my old self back i wanted to forgive ......
and forget....

i looked at the photos in the library of just because  i swear to god if i wasn't so good at hiding my expressions i would've burst into tears right then and there and continue all through the day crying because i felt so bad for everything i have ever did 
i know i thought my life sucks cause HDHD anxiety and trichotillomania  and i never notice...


enjoy and cherish the life you have because before you know it. its gone the next day

Last minute write up

Just because things are not what they seem the first time around does not mean that people do not change. Everyone has their own voice. Everyone has their own hopes,dreams. Everyone has their own story........It just depends if someone is willing enough to listen to it

A comment i wrote on a piece of writing

i was lost in thought then i snapped back into reality....kinda like a verge a combine of two worlds so different yet so alike _Fantasy writer

Pokemon sun and moon please come soon but before then i shall write till noon

I don't know what to say everything changes like the end of each day i lost my special power to write stories as high as a tower whatever happen to my pace i feel like a disgrace writing is my passion and my feelings turn ashen

i don't know  what to think my mind is on the brink oh who would of thought that i'd forgot to finish a chapter of a little known story so now i worry but i am excited for finding dory 

i don't know how to act that's a fact i have two sides one nice one mean you can tell which is which because i might call you a bit- ....why does that rhyme i don't like saying cuss words even if they a line ...oh fine i say this one a lot just so you know i'm kidding not i say "go to hell" because i bid you farewell annoying boys now go...


i stopped writing on here not because i lost interest but because i can never find time to and when i do find time i have no ideas and the cycle continues as the weeks go on i am writing reality to equestria  i just keep on forgetting to write the next few chapters on here "i wrote some of the chapters on paper i just need to transfer them"   

WAS my do list for the weekend

  • Finish Shannon's oc "remember needs the word shark in it"
  • start Brooke's oc
  • Start Bella's oc "still deciding between the equine races of equestria"
  • start Ana's 2nd oc "requested a unicorn" "decided name pina apple pie"
  • make all ponies in eg "equestria girls"
  • start a 3rd oc of doctor who
  • make Rina a oc "wants a unicorn"
  • make a nyan cat oc
  • make a new pony species
1st of doctor who 
 Dalek "Pink_Dalek"
2nd oc of doctor who
timelord "whovian"
3rd oc of doctor who
weeping angel "?????"

It's 12:42 and I don't care

I would be late to school tomorrow because I am staying up reading people's stories well guess what world I don't care I don't care at all and I wish tomorrow is Saturday again so I don't have to see.....never mind I'll just.....continue reading people hard working stories  my 130 favs and such until I fall asleep 

Update notice and stuff

when some words hits you deep but then a really annoying song made it worse and now you hate the song and whatever on your mind so please ...i am not in the mood i can't think straight i can't write yet in my binder i am currently writing reality to equestria chapter 5 and 6 and so on that's why there hasn't been updates of that lately and i am working on chapter 2 of journey home dalek i cannot say i will only write if i can think of something funny or enjoyable every chapter if it isn't i have failed being funny also watching game theory at the moment finish homework was going to watch anime "preferably fairy tail"  but busy distracted  and concert coming up gahhh also very important 
if you're from my school please buy the bracelets at school for 5$ they are for a donation pool to help out people in need from...

Untitled writers block

I have so many ideas that I can't keep track  all the way back and so certainly knack that should be not I ended up getting the writers block

A sentence I couldn't write until 10:46 PM

I don't know why I kept on trying to chase after you if I can just turn my back and start chasing the other....

Broken Promise

i tried to make everything right but instead i made it worse 


will it take you 9 times to figure me out?

1 it was the day she pulled the prank
2 after the truth was told that she played a trick on me
3 i started to like you
4 then it became two when a dumb guy broke his foot 
5 the whole year it was a train wreck
6 a friend moved so i was lost without more encouragement
7 the whole summer i thought about both of you
8 next year wasn't any better i told one but not the other because reasons
9 i am stuck and i am a mess......

Kingdom hearts

The closer you get to the light....
The greater your shadow becomes.....


i think some may misinterpret what i say. i am still young just 12 dont know alot still make mistakes but my question is ... why do people say they are old when they are young even the opposite is true why do people say they are young when they are old thats my question for the universe and you

My fortune cookie

If you do not run your
subconscious mind yourself,
    someone else will.


i cant deal with serious matters  they put me in shatters i say one word wrong then i dont belong i dont understand what the point of this clan if some are just so bland some may crituque unique and some may say magnifique i may get hate and be not so great also sometimes a bit late daleks exterminate and the doctor infiltrate the space ship because shippy ship ship i dont know what the heck i just wrote but be afloat because your on a boat in your mind with your kind ......of imagination

why is this spread all over youtube explain???

Warning the following has nothing to do with anything

/\/\  ___________|____________
(  - -   )      \      / l____________
[] []           []   []

9:30 PM thinking

February is a whole month away and I can't wait for Valentine's day haters gonna hate but I'm no blank slate with a can of paint. I wish that my crushes will open their eyes and realize the girl at locker 554 has always had a crush on them all the more but my books keep me hooked and my stories keep me booked but don't take a look back at the quarter grade because it will fade and fairs has bears "I dunno I wanted to do something related to the team I am on oh well FAIL XD you win some you lose some now why are you still reading this one"

Six-Word Memoir

6 words memoir

Fandoms together unite as one forever
Life is one big huge fairytale
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers Of Time
The Legend Of Zelda Majoras Mask
Why am i thinking about games
I make ocs of my friends
Why am i still doing this
This can go on and on
This is such a long list
I am done now ok bye
Allons-Y ok now i am done

Pink_Dalek chapter 2

"yes pink dalek"
"th ank yooouuu for sav ING mEEE""
"your welcome "
"can i se EE a SSTT ARR "
"pink dalek you ask me that 100 times already "
"your getting annoying and i am trying to forcus on something"
pink dalek ued her arm to shoot the paper the doctor was working on
"Hey that was important readings from the TARDIS to see where we are!"
"if i hear 1 more peep outta you dalek the next stop im leaving you there"
"even if i am a good dalek "
"even if you are a good dalek "
"only if you stop talking"
"please dont"
"because when you say procastinate daleks heads explode "
*1 minute earlier*


i have a hair pulling problem they call it  trichotillomania TRICK-TELLO-MA-NI-A. i hate this bad habit its whorse than the others it makes me feel sad and is unbreakable. i fight and try to make it stop even cutting my hair if ive gone to far but it always return even more bad than the last. i hate this cycle because theirs no way out i feel enclosed in a empty shell with no way out people try to help but their doom to fail i cant be help no matter what. i hate this and i want this to stop. dont try to comfort me it will make me even more sad.soe dont understnad what i am going through. my name is francesca and this nightmare will NEVER end for me so please dont make fun of me or judge me because we all have our flaws and habits
Some open up
others hide
Their your flaws
It up...

My dog Raven

I looked at my dog remembering the day we adopted her .
The animal shelter was called Save A Dog they told us that she is very shy run very fast and doesn't trust anyone they opened the door and she came through and sat right next to me then I knew the last owner named her that was true but the name came and stayed Raven it took some time to get the whipet Labrador Raven since there was other families competing for her so we hoped they chose us .the first day she came to our house I was in school so I was upset that I missed the day she was coming home school ended I ran home "like I usually do but faster" I ran across the park like there was no tomorrow I came home she barked at me I cried for a moment then they put commons sense into me because somehow I forgot...


This rattles my brain
It's like a migraine
 I like them both
It's lying under oath
Making you clueless
Why you are doing this
I will be bliss if they gave me a kiss
But all it is a Oceanic Abyss
You daydream takes up all of your esteem
To ever tell but mine as well
Dwell on your empty shell 
Of confidence
Listen to your subconscious
Not nonsense
It's not a province
Its a promise 
To some
To overcome
But some just run
And become undone
​I would see the midnight sun
Then take a ski run
Just for fun
boys aren't for everyone
Unless you find the perfect one

My Reaction to the news today....

i am sick and tried of how we treat planet earth sure we may dream of change and make stories about change to inspire people to change but people PLEASE JUST OPEN YOUR EYES i mean some of you out there probably know what im talking about the ice caps melting extreme uncondtional weather acid rain I MEAN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD WHY DO WE CUT DOWN TREES WE NEED TREES TO SURVIVE AND TREES NEED US TO SURVIVE COMMON SENSE PEOPLE i mean do we really need to cut down forests OF ENDANGERED SPECIES and killed sea creatures with our oil spills and dumping our garbage without a second thought that one of those things couldve been recycled it just there are so many things AND A SIMPLE SOULTION TO EVERYONES GODDAMMN ENERGY PROBLEMS IS TO JUST PUT 1 SOLAR PANEL IN THE SAFRIA DESERT "I FORGOT WHICH DESERT I THINK IT THATS ONE"
ok so i overeacted abit...

Reality to Equestria chapter 4

"Rarity are you certain this is the best choice of outfit?" I was wearing a flashy sparkly pink hoodie with a purple up beat skirt 
"Well I thought it would look good on you and ponies can't see your Pegasus wings " "rarity I like it but that's not the point I need to be hidden in the shadows unnoticeable casual ordinary" "it pains me to stoop the fashion sense so low but if the customer wants what it wants so be it" a smile slowly formed on my face"thank you rarity how can I ever repay you" "for one thing take the first outfit I picked out for you because I would die if that outfit goes to waste I mean it was like it was made for you"  I changed into the next outfit I was wearing a hat with a police box on it and a bowtie with a trench coat "rarity" "yes?" "Next outfit please"

Journey Home chapter 1

i was walking home nothing to it followed the same path i went everyday from school then it happen i was walking across the park and trees grew out of nowhere and the sky turned a purpleish black i looked behind me did i step on something? is someone pulling a prank on me or is something doing a movie? i retraced my steps all was changed to a forest not longer just a open pile of dirt surrounded by fences i made to the sidewalk "or what was left of it anyway.." and i saw something broken on the ground that i didnt notice before... was that a watch? i mean i know i was reading a book at the time before i got inside the park but how did i not feel it or notice it? and even if i DID walked over it why would it act so strangely? there were so many questions in my head...

The big unanswered question

1 word that all it takes 
1 word 
some may say because of that word their life got better or worse
1 word that goes through your head 
but it can never be answered 
1 word
that can determine your fate
1 word 
thats older then the whole universe itself
1 word 
that you must know 
1 word
that nobody knows but the one himself
1 word
that can cause worlds to collide wars to beguin lives to end 
the ones who figured it out already are bright but if you have'nt let me tell you a little something

The Doctor in Jessica Jones

its not so much you see the hero in the villain
but that you see the villain in the hero

Pink_Dalek chapter 1

"Why can't I see a birth of a SSTTTTAARRRR????"
"Pink_Dalek you hav en't HHHEEAARRDDD??"
"yes i have HHEEAARRRDD "
"then WH Y are you ASK INGGGG "
a alarm went off and all the daleks chased after Pink_Dalek
"EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE" all the daleks said in unision
some of the daleks heads exploded they don't understand procastination XD
*tardis noises* 
door creaks open
"hello did somebody a doctor ?"
"D O C T O R S A V E M E "
"ohmygod ohmygod is this for real...


WHOVIANS UNITE!! this isnt a fight 
PEGASISTERS UNITE!! and watch mlp tonight
GRAVITY FALLS UNITE!! and hope wierdmaggidion part 3 isnt thee end my friend
POKEMON FANS UNITE!!! and keep on making those fusions alright
ACNL FANS UNITE!! make your towns not hash browns XD
ANIME MANGA UNITE!! oh i wish fairy tail .tv is still there for me 
ADVENTURE TIME UNITE!!! what time is it you know ok goodnight
PIXIE HOLLOW UNITE!! if i will ever get my story right
BOOKWORMS UNITE!! this isnt a fandom but READ I NEED
CROSSOVERS UNITE!! because you will make 1 outta this list i know even if you dont show


Pink_Dalek prologue

Pink_Dalek started out as a username on neopets but i liked it so much that it spread from account to account until i finally made a OC out of it but that wasnt enough after drawing the details of the dalek and ponyfied version in my pink journal the next day at school i started making comics 1 in social studies and later became 2 but that wasnt enough later i grabbed a extra portrait poem just for that specific OC but that wasnt enough so here i am writing the story of what used to be just a idea just a thought in my head it had been a month since i started that account on neopets "i dont know how since i started that account last year....WELL THATS THE WEBSITES FAULT! anyway hope you enjoy the story!"

far as the daleks know they cant remember who the doctor is and that lead to choas doctor WHO EXACTLY?? the...

On the Last Day of the World

last day on earth

on the last day of the world what will i do? i will confess to my crushes who hopefully isnt you i will pray to god and hope the doctor is true and his T.A.R.D.I.S. will be here soon before it becomes noon i will hug my family and say i love them "hopefully dont bug them" as i say goodbye and soar through the sky in the big blue box that doesnt know how to say hi then i locked the doors and come on in and ask "hey doctor you an't saving us is there a reason why or are you just lazyus"  

lost in thoughts

i am a girl thats all i am nothing special nothing exciting ....but when i write stories and i get in tuned with them i feel like i am in that world at that moment doing what my characters are doing saving the world....traveling to far away places we only hope to see...meeting things and people and creatures who understand such things we might never ever know...going so far as to save a life or hundreds in a blink of a eye....transforming into things we dont even understand....meeting that one per....ok then.....that have....REALLY...lost tracked about stop thinking about stories there for a moment hehe.... 

Reality to Equestria chapter 3

no it wasn't for you it's just i had this vision that i will become an alicorn but with you here i feel like fate has changed” “twilight i am not your best friend i am your friend why don't you tell pinkie pie this “ “THAT'S the thing i'm nervous she's gonna say what i think she is gonna say” “and that is….” “it's true”   ‘well i can't just let you stand around and mope all day you're coming with me to sugar cubes corner” “oh please YOU'RE staying here until celestia comes” “you think YOU have control over me” “exactly you have no control you're not a princess just a lost alicorn “ “oh please” “hey you stay here while i'm gone i don't want ponyville be in havoc” “in season 1 you are such a clueless child aren't you” “what did you say?” “i …..don't…..know….”  as twilight left i went over to spike “ twilight told me...

Reality to Equestria chapter 1 and 2

this is my fanfic of how i became an alicorn in the magnificent world of Equestria….

there was text here but it menchine crushes yadda yadda yadda lets just say i got mad "im 16 here i think" i got into my car....

 i heard someone say look out! as i crashed into a person's car everything went black
“pri-prin-princess celestia!” “yes?” “ we have an urgent message from twilight” “what is it what did she say?” “ wel-well …” “spit it out commander golden arrow” “there's a unconscious alicorn in ponyville “ “i don't how to reply to this” “please princess i know this is a lot to take in but” “commander golden arrow please tell everyone who knows about this to not panic and insure that luna is in charge while i'm off to ponyville to discuss some serious matters with my young student twilight sparkle” “of course your majesty i send the message”
“oh what should i...

That one moment...

i walked to my last class my eyes meet with my crush looking face to face i blush and for some reason i smiled it was one of those moments in time that you want to last forever ..then  my brain snapped back into reality  and i more quickly rushed my next class mummbling about what just happen and hopeing i wasnt late... 

A tale of a siren (PREVIEW)

i want you to see the show i am currently watching” “ what is it called?” “ My Little Pony Friendship is Magic ..hasbro actually came out with this new movie called Mlp equestria girls rainbow rocks i think they might have some info on the matter “ “ you are crazy no one can be spot on with sirens what else do you think they're are so many folk tales and stories about us “ “well by the explanation of your sisters  Leucosia,Ligeia,and Peisinoe it seems a bit on the watermark of hasbro “ “are you saying they work for them?” “what no i am saying i think equestria might be real” “no wonder mother kept quiet about her past “ “what do you mean” “ i mean mother all her life never talked about how she came here once mother said she had sisters but she barely explains anything about them “ “ so your mother brought Leucosia,Ligeia,and...

Reality to Equestria (PREVIEW)

“please tell me you weren't thinking of a worst case scenario for me” no it wasn't for you it's just i had this vision that i will become an alicorn but with you here i feel like fate has changed” “twilight i am not your best friend i am your friend why don't you tell pinkie pie this “ “THAT'S the thing i'm nervous she's gonna say what i think she is gonna say” “and that is….” “it's true”   ‘well i can't just let you stand around and mope all day you're coming with me to sugar cubes corner” “oh please YOU'RE staying here until celestia comes” “you think YOU have control over me” “exactly you have no control you're not a princess just a lost alicorn “ “oh please” “hey you stay here while i'm gone i don't want ponyville be in havoc” “in season 1 you are such a clueless child aren't you” “what did you say?” “i...

Journey Home (PREVIEW)

i stared into the godforesaken forest that no one dared enter the forest was called  eyes of death for a reason and i was going where no man comes.... but what if it was a girl who would do anything to get the hell outta this strange villiage and back home? i took one step into the forest....  i really should have thought this out more...everything went black.


Allons-y is a perfect word you see it rolls the tip of the tongue better than the sound of drums if you're the master this might be a disaster .....conquer the day so we don't have to play Allons-y means goodbye you see so count to three and say ALLONS-Y!

11:20 PM

Is it bad to write stories late at night? if so goodnight!

Magic mirrior / Foreshadowing stories

I looked into a mirror surprised by what I see I saw a pony that looks just like me 
The next day I looked again but this time in the mirror I saw the tardis and the doctor right next to me
Then the next day I saw a fairy then fairy tail then ACNL then Pokemon then kingdom hearts
I returned later that week hoping to see more of but all I saw was me just me 

Write the world

Write the world if you ever so bold grab a pencil make sure it's not old and don't be a cliche just follow your own way so please writing ever so strong because you belong and no one on here should feel like their wrong listen to a song to get you hype because tonight were gonna write 

Girl at locker 554

I'm the girl at school that has locker 554 and furthermore I hide behind a book full of lore I wear glasses and I sure don't run slow as molasses I am kind but if someone ticks me off there in for a shock because I talk a lot and I sing my heart out and don't shout I usually sing down by the riverside because that song shows me there's nothing to hide so if you figure out who I am please don't say green eggs and ham because I don't read Dr.Seuss or at least that's the truth 

Silence will fall

when silence will fall nothing is a ball and sooner or later you will forget after that the silence are there but beware its like a scare when the doctor comes the world is saved and all is safe  but the one day he doesnt show up i forgot that silence is in my face...

Open Prompt

Willow Tree

me and you you and me
you're all i can see from the willow tree
me and you you and me
will you ever come to me
me and you you and me
can't you see the real me
me and you you and me
great now there's three
me and you you and me
will this nightmare ever end for me

My December 2016

Counting down till decemeber

December decemeber people ask why what does it mean when the last snowflake says goodbye
I miss winter days OH if we had our ways it will still be december so please remember
when the first snow day comes bring your cheery shout and bring your gloves because next winter i won't surely doubt will be the best i'll love when fall is out