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Novel Writing Competition 2018

Absolutely Lucky

What would happen if something big, something massive changed your world in another perspective? 
I, Kenna Simpkins was never lucky. Ever. I always forgot my homework, woke up late for school, and even cracked my glasses once a week. I never had friends. Everyone stands at least a foot away from me, scared for getting the “bad luck’s curse.” I was different. I was different in another way from anybody else. I was lucky, just in a bad way. 
One thing I concluded about my life is that it was very depressing. Every day I came to school with no one to greet me. Nobody ate lunch with me. I dreaded the feeling of my heart beating, having nowhere to sit. Then, I would find an empty lunch table, and eat my banana-peanut butter sandwich. All alone. Books were like a best friend to me. They were an escape to a horrible world I lived in. I could travel to wonderful, and magical places. I only...