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I hope you enjoyed whatever I published. I’m not the best writer but I hope whatever I do write appeals to you in some way. And I look forward to the day that I’ll see one of your peices of work. I look forward to when another writer enters the world

Message from Writer

I was born in New Zealand. Moved to Australia when I was 3. I’ve got a Brady bunch family, 3 girls, 3 boys, and I’m the oldest sister. I use commas when I shouldn’t.
My passions include, Greek mythology, writing (obviously), reading, N E T F L I X, food (fun fact: my parents are vegan. I’ve been trying to become vegan but I’m a little weakling. I eat whatever someone hands me) and family. I love my family.
I like books that are about independent women fighting on physical or mental battlefields, I like shows that are dramatic, heartfelt or anime and I like school (believe it or not). I hope you had a good day. Or at least a day with a book in it. Books make things better ( ;