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" We don't meet people by accident. Everyone is meant to cross our paths for a reason."

Have you crossed paths with me? It must be fate!!

Published Work

Intro To Dylan Cody

There were exactly thirty-five days left in the school year when I felt the strings that controlled my life starting to tug. It was subtle at first, and I hardly noticed anything. But then it hit a peak, a point where there was no turning back.

To clear some things up I'll start by telling you a bit about myself. Dylan Cody, a fifteen-year-old introvert. I've been committing social suicide upon myself since my elementary years, isolated from the rest. Middle school was the peak of hiding in my mind, away from the rest. I had two good friends for a year in seventh grade, but by eighth, they were long gone. Middle school was also the highlight of my ponytail phase, where I was afraid people would look down on me if I wore my hair any other way. I was wrong, they looked down on me anyways.

Freshman year of high school was rough, and I made a...

Why I Write

This Is Why I Write

I write to take my feelings
And share them with the world
To spread my ideas
And create beautiful things

I write for love
And for hate
For forgiveness
And the pureness of it all

I write because I need to
It fills me up
Overfills my bucket
Without I wouldn't be me

I love what writing makes me
The goodness it brings out
And the happiness that pours from my words
The positive feelings that beat down the darkness

I write for sadness, too
And for anger
For emotions that bubble out
And turn into things others can understand

I write for the words
Because I love words
How they can communicate messages
Anything to anyone

I write for sentences 
They piece my thoughts together
Help others understand me
Make me feel loved

I write for what I create
And for those who support me
For the love I feel from it.
That is why I write.

Soulmate Requirements: Human??

Soulmate Requirements: Human??

    Once upon a time, I was a young girl. I loved to do things most girl would; I played dress-up, spent time with my friends, and gossiped. Among these things, my favorite was to talk to my friends about boys. 

    Boys this, boys that. Oh, he's cute! Nah, I don't really like him. Even as I got older, into the teenage years that are currently haunting me, that didn't really change. I still think about boys, and while I may not be so childish about it, the fact remains. I love boys. Well, really I love looking at them. If you told me to talk to a crush I'd probably run away with my tail between my legs. Social interaction terrifies me, especially when I have to interact with a boy.

    I've always crossed my fingers and hoped that someday I would meet my soulmate, and we would instantly click and fall in love. But...

The Gap In My Heart

Seven years ago my heart stretched
It stretched to let him in and give him love

He was sixty pounds or so, with brown floppy ears
And a curly tail, just like a husky
"He's a pure bread German Shepard," said his foster dad
His curly tail said otherwise

His smile lit me up inside, it made me happy
Walks with him were my favorite part of the day
Running around in the yard with him was my second favorite
And using plastic bags after he popped a squat was my least favorite

But in all, it was great
I had a best friend who loved me unconditionally
He had a human who never wanted to leave his side
It didn't last, sadly.

A year passed and everything was fine.
My family moved - a new yard, much smaller, but fenced in.
My brother and I made a friend,
A kid down the street with a British accent.
He was...

How To Overcome Any Emotion With Writing

You can overcome any emotion with writing.

Are you feeling angry? Maybe your younger brother just took the last cookie, and after putting up with him your whole life, you just can't take it anymore. A strategy to help with your anger is to write about it. I find that writing a letter, and addressing it to a person (real or made-up), can help you put a handle on your anger. You can explain to them how awful your brother is, and it will help you release all that built-up tension into writing. If you hold your anger in, it will just boil within you. When we have our strongest emotions, it is a great chance to write. Being able to convey your anger into your writing will help you cool down and think rationally.

Are you sad? Things make us sad all the time, whether it's something on the news or something personal that has happened. Dealing with sadness...



Title: Cat-A-Strophic
Tagline: What's a funny disaster that you have witnessed?
Genre: Reflection

Prompt Outline:
Cats are an eponym for disaster. But sometimes disasters can be quite funny, especially when it comes to your fluffy feline. Even if you don't have a cat, you've probably seen some cat videos of cats attempting to do something and it just doesn't turn out right, making you laugh. Why not write about a cat-a-strophic story that you have witnessed?

Fated For Adventure (Part 2)

You're still reading my story? Oh my gosh, thank you! I was sure that you'd leave, but you haven't! Before I start rambling again I'm going to start narrating the story so that you don't have to listen to me. After all, I'm just the narrator. You know, the one telling the story. And I'm rambling again! Well here goes something.


Yoffa was an old man, and being old, he had seen many things. These things had taught him many lessons and made him very, very wise. He was also in tune with his senses - especially his ears - so he knew what was going on.

So when the young man, well teenager, really, burst into his home carrying a young girl, he knew who they were. The girl was obviously Elodie Murphy, who had been the talk of the village since she disappeared the day before she was supposed to be sent to the south for boarding...

Fated For Adventure (Part 1)

Hey there! Do you want to hear a story? It's good, I promise.

Alrighty, then! This is going to be exciting. Oh, you're reading the story, not hearing it? I guess this story has traveled far and long, then, for it happened long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away... just kidding, that would mean that the people in the stories are what you might call aliens. They are humans. At least I think they are...

Darn it! I'm already getting off track. What I meant to say is that this story was originally told to an old guy who lived in the middle of a rainforest, and who didn't see anyone for years, and when he did, he repeated his story. (You'll hear more about him later on) Well, it wasn't really his story, but he was a small part of it, cause' he helped out the stories' heroes. I'm doing it again, aren't I?

Fine, I'll actually...

YOU, The Writer

Alms For The Writers

Most of my stories are sparked by my dreams or daydreams.

My favorite thing about building a story from a dream is that I already have an idea for the place, and maybe a bit of the plot, and from there my mind can (further) wander.

After that comes the characters, and then... uh... I just write. I think most people work on developing the plot points first, but by the time I've named the characters I'm already in love with them. Every second that I don't spill my mind out in the form of writing, the story burns inside me.

Sometimes, though, when I haven't had any interesting dreams and nothing has come to mind I will randomly think of a cool title. And when I think of a cool title, I want to use it. After finding a title I want to use, I do some deep soul searching in hopes of coming up with an idea that...

Race For The Kingdom (Part 3)

Before I knew it my days at the castle were flying by. It seemed like they got shorter and shorter, leading up to my coronation. But then five days after the funeral carriage had left bad news came.

It came in the form of a messenger who had brought the news from one of the guards at the castle wall. He ran into the meeting room during the morning meeting with the governors had.

“There is a man,” he said breathlessly. “He claims to be Resigned Princess Mia’s son,” the governor’s exchanged glances and tried to get him to say more. He just gulped down air before continuing. “He wants the throne.”

It took a minute for the governor’s to realize that Princess Mia must have had children. I mean, it made sense since if you are going to start a new life you might as well get married. I guess I hadn’t expected this turn.

Four of the governor’s...

Race For The Kingdom (Part 8)

The next few days crawled by slowly, stocked full of preparations for the coronation and wedding. I tried my best to avoid Nathan, but he countered my attempts. Agreeing to marry him was the worst mistake of my life.

I still wish I could marry Jacob, although I had a feeling he didn’t want to marry me and for a lady to marry a stablehand would be dishonorable. Also, if Nathan kept his vow that he would have me marry some old noble instead, maybe from another country.

So really I didn’t have any choice and couldn’t back out now. The night before the coronation I got ready as fast as possible for bed, and got in before Nathan. I couldn’t fall asleep though.

When he came in ten minutes later and crawled into the bed next to me I pretended to be asleep, but he knew that I was faking it. “Good night, Princess. Tomorrow I won’t be able...

Race For The Kingdom (Part 7)

“Good. We will have you married as soon as possible. Maybe even the day of the coronation we could have the wedding, and crown you both afterward,” someone suggested.
Nathan nodded, and I finally looked up, staring at Tristen. He was smiling, happy that I was marrying Nathan. I couldn’t believe it.

The rest of the afternoon seemed to draw on forever, with discussions about politics and country affairs. After dinner, most people had left. Many of the town representatives had been offered to stay at the castle, so over a hundred new people were now making their way around the castle since most had brought their families.

Every time I was spotted, I had to go and meet the person, since right after lunch had finished it had been announced that Nathan and I would marry. They all congratulated me and were so glad to get to meet the soon to be queen. I wasn’t happy about it all,...

Race For The Kingdom (Part 6)

I eventually got dressed in a simple blue gown and at the lunch that had been left on a table in my room before making my way downstairs. One of the castle servants saw me and scrambled downstairs, informing others of my presence. When I got to the dining hall I saw the lunch still on the table, and everyone gathering around it. There were the governors as well as many of the representatives from all of the different towns in Markham.

Nathan was sitting at the head of the table, with Tristen on his left and an empty seat on his right. Why did he save a seat for me? Usually, the head governor sat on the left of the king, and his wife on the right. Oh no.

I walked over to the empty seat and sat down, and the governors welcomed me and seemed to forget what they had been talking about before, which was some sort...

Race For The Kingdom (Part 5)

Before I knew, it was the day of the battle. There were people everywhere, so many that it was hard to believe. Half of Markham was probably there, all waiting to see who their new King or Queen would be. I just washed my fear down and hoped it would be me.

Someone was standing up on a tall platform, announcing the rules and things like that. Slowly the people gathered into a wide circle with me and Nathan in the middle. Before I knew it someone shouted for us to begin, and the crowd started cheering. Most of the shouts were aimed towards me. I had the people’s favor, but even so, Nathan could probably kill me in seconds if that was his goal.

But the thing about a battle is that it either ends when someone dies or someone surrenders. I had a feeling that Nathan was hoping for me to surrender so that I could take his...

Race For The Kingdom (Part 4)

For the rest of the day I avoided him. At one point he retreated to the room he had been given to rest and I was happy since there was no chance of me bumping into him. Meanwhile I spent most of the afternoon I practiced with a sword which I hadn’t used in months.

I considered myself good enough, but Governor Philip said that he planned to hire all the best sword fighters in the region to help me. I accepted his offer although I was half sure that Prince Nathan would smash me.
The next day I was on a break from sword fighting and retreated to the royal gardens behind the castle. There was one section in particular that I had found a liking to with a small pond filled with fish, surrounded by small trees and bushes. It was hidden and I had found it by accident several day ago.

It also had very nice grass...

Race For The Kingdom (Part 2)

Someone must have announced that we would be coming downstairs because all of the commoners were lined up and bowed as we walked. We then met some people for about an hour and they commented how wonderful it was to have us here. They must have expected that something was up though since none of them were truly happy. I assumed that usually King Timmy was here during meet and greet.

I got to meet a few lucky kids as well, who seemed like they were more than happy to meet a noble’s daughter who might soon be their queen. I don’t think they knew that my dad was a noble though since they called me “princess” instead of “lady” but I didn’t mind.

Soon the common folk had to leave as the market was being cleaned up. Tristen and I then had a dinner with the King’s Governors, where we got to meet all ten of them. They let...

Race For The Kingdom (Part 1)

Here's a summary: 

Scarlett has grown up as a noble's daughter, although her parents haven't been present in her life as they died when she was little. Her family has a genetic disease called Boschers, and almost all men in her family have it. When she finds out her uncle, the King of Markham has died, she also knows that she is the only one able to take the throne. Until a long-lost family member steps into the picture and threatens to steal it from her. Will she be able to win the race for the kingdom?

Race for the Kingdom

The carriage was a pale blue with silver designs on the sides in shapes like swirls. The front platform where the driver was sitting was pure silver, and the back tray where our bags sat was also silver. The ropes that the driver was holding was a fine silver rope which I knew had cost my parents a fortune....

Can't Forgive, Can't Forget

Can't Forgive, Can't Forget
By: Danielle

    "Owen!" I shouted happily, running into my brother's arms but carefully making sure that the paper I was holding stayed out of his sight. "You won't believe what happened today!" I told him.
    "What is that?" he asked me, holding my hand as we crossed the street away from my school.
    "We did this cool project in art with watercolors," I told him. "And I made this for you," I said showing him the paper.
    "Wow," he said automatically. Then a second later his eyes lit up and he repeated it. "Wow."
    Usually "Wow" was followed up with "Great. Now, what is it?" But today he actually looked impressed at my painting.
    "It's you and me," he commented. "And is that Fifth Street Treats?" he asked me.
    "Yep. Normal paint is hard to use but this was easy."
    "I think you are a natural Kitty," he...

The Lost Princess

Prologue-10 years ago-Callestancia Castle
It was a dark and stormy night. Rain beat against the windows, streaming down in little streaks. A girl sat on her bed with the covers pulled high overhead, a small Pomeranian dog next to her. She shivered back and forth, her long brown hair swaying. There she cowered, unable to get out and warn the others. She felt paralyzed.
    There was a quiet creak of a door opening. She pulled the covers higher. She heard footsteps climbing up the stairs. Creeping closer. They were here. Her father had been right.
    Now they were in the hallway. She heard the sound of a sword being unsheathed as well as a few whispers. The footsteps went to the end of the hallway.
    There was a sudden shriek and the sound of a sword being swung, waking everyone up and creating chaos. The guards that hadn't been ambushed realized that the castle was under attack....

Whatever it Takes to Get Home

    My story starts in the country of Etten. Etten is a beautiful place to live with many fields and plains and tons of hills. It is surrounded by mountains making it isolated from the other country's in Terdoun. It is also the place that, somewhere near the mountains that separate Veridon form Etten, there is a small farmhouse. That farmhouse is where I grew up.
    For me, Etten was paradise. Being out in the open is great. Plenty of space to run around and be free, to be a kid. Mountains to run up, lakes to swim in. There was no end to what could be done. Georgia and I discovered this since we grew up in Etten. We could spend an entire day just running around playing tag or tackling each other. Sometimes, on hot days we went on hikes to Greffon Lake where we swam and splashed around for hours. Once or twice a month dad would...

Home for Mom, Home for Me

    Cally stared out the window as they drove through the large expanse of grass and hills. That was all she could see for as far as she looked, and she liked it. She let out a small sigh and pressed her forehead and hands against the window.
    "Patty, I don't like this. Can we please go home?" Cally heard her cousin Georgie wine.
    "You promised this would be fun!" Georgie's sister Britney added. "This is nothing like New York! I can't see anything besides these stupid hills!"
    Their mom turned around and gave them both hard stares. "If we go back to New York we'll be living on the streets. Our house is now ashes thanks to that fire and the only things we have left is a little bit of money and your grandparents house!" Patty exclaimed. (Patty was what everyone called her, even her children.)
    "Sorry Patty," Georgie and Britney mumbled, both looking...

Can't Forgive, Can't Forget

Kitty is a girl who loves everything that most girls like, including some normal hobbies. Most of all she loves her family and her older brother, Owen, who was the first to call her Kitty. But when things start to happen and the Sam Austen building catching fire with her brother in it, her world is thrown off course. Five years later she loses her family in another devastating event, landing herself in a foster home with two other kids. One who holds a dark secret, one that she can't forgive and can't forget.

    "Owen!" I shouted happily, running into my brother's arms but carefully making sure that the paper I was holding stayed out of his sight. "You won't believe what happened today!" I told him.
    "What is that?" he asked me, holding my hand as we crossed the street away from my school.
    "We did this cool project in art with watercolors," I told him....


    It was raining outside, raining hard. The children huddled around me, and I comforted them. That was my job, since these children trusted me.
"The storms almost over, don't worry," I assured them. "Why don't you get back in bed. When you wake up it'll be over."
    The children quietly scurried back into their beds, which were rusted chunks of metal with dirty cloth covers. There were five beds up here, in the attic where we slept. The second floor was already full with children so we slept up here, where the rain was the loudest and everything dusty. Not that downstairs was much better.
    I saw another flash of lightning, suddenly noticing that the small attic window was open, letting rain drip onto the floor. I ran over to it, about to shut it, looking out for a second. Then a flash of lightning lit up the street and I saw it, a black horse carriage...

Tiny Love Story

The Perfect Place for a Picnic

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. "Just trust me," Oscar told me, holding out his hand. I slowly reached up and took it, holding my breath as he pulled me up. I hoped that he was telling the truth and that the view was worth it.

I had to grip the edge of the rock with my other hand to get fully onto the top. Once I got up I saw that the view was worth it. Below us, there was a valley covered in beauty, the perfect place for our picnic. 

Polar Opposite

Veronica of Deritie

    Remember, always remember. That's what everyone tells me. Remember those who lost their lives in the big fire of Deritie, the ones who lost their lives saving others. Remember those who died in the floods of Deritie. Oh, and never forget all of the poor children of Deritie who suffer from so many things.
    But I don't want to remember. Bad times should be forgotten, right? Why should you try to remember the deaths of your mother, father, and sister? Why not just pretend that they never existed except in those nice memories? That is what I tell myself, and I just ignore those who say to remember the bad things.
    I do make sure not to forget the important things that keep me alive though. What to do when natural disasters hit our small country of Deritie. What to do if you are in an attack from the people of Klaritine. What to do...

Race for the Kingdom (Part 2)

I am going to post this in parts so that it isn't necessary to fish through the entire first part to get to what I added. I will eventually update it when I have the whole story.

If it helps here is a link to a family tree that I made for this story: 

She sighed, and I guess must have thought it was a direct command so she didn't question it. "Maria." Then she helped me put on some white leggings and shiny silver shoes.
    "You may stay in your room if you'd like," she told me after she was done with my outfit. "But I suggest that you go and great your people. There will be an announcement at five o'clock tonight and the funeral carriage will be sent off."
    I nodded and dismissed her, walking downstairs and towards my brother's room. A few minutes later he walked out the door and we both started to descend the...

My December Writing Competition 2018

Not Everyone's Favorite Month

December no longer has the same place that it used to in my heart. Now it is just a time to remember what I once had, all the fun times there used to be. Now it just makes the big gap that my father left larger, and harder to fill. If only I could go back a couple of years, to when my father had helped me drag the Christmas tree into the living room, and I would help him put it up while my sisters danced and my mother made us hot cocoa.

If only I could go back to the time when Christmas had a greater meaning in my heart, one that I didn't know would leave me. But now all I see is the glow of lights from outside, where my fellow neighbors ran around caroling and spreading joy. I don't join them like I used to. 

I know that my sisters would be disappointed that there...

Novel Writing Competition 2018

Hiding the Truth

I look down at my shaking hands, wondering what to do now. Thinking back a couple of hours ago I had no idea what I had thought, how this could have been the better option. Now I sat alone in a small boat, drifting out to sea, filled with regret at what I had done. I guess that Youle's prediction was right, that I would go against what everyone had thought. But no matter how much I hurt everyone I was saving him, rescuing him from my fate. An image flashed through my head, one of a young boy dancing across a field of grass, slowly moving towards a cottage at the end of it. A wide smile spread across his face. Turner. Yes, I was saving him.

No, your nota voice in my mind whispered. Images shot through my head of the young boy falling on the ground, an arrow through his heart. A tear rolled down...