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Hi so I like to write (obviously) none of my friends really know I have this account nor that I'm into fanfiction so yeah...

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I work really hard so just be nice (please) and I'm really glad that there's a space for us (as young writers) to be free to express ourselves creatively without that feeling of (unkindly) judgment so keep that in mind when you read my piece (please)!

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The War- Torn Ballerina

PROMPT: Novel Writing Competition 2019

       I could feel it. I could feel the bullet. It may not have penetrated into my skull. Still, somehow, I felt it. I still felt herpain. I knew her, in a way we all did; Aaira Bahri. She wasn’t the first women to be publicly executed by Ariz, but by far the youngest. So much so that many others would call her a girl. Older than me but younger than my sister. I knew it would happen. I never...

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