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I have no idea why you’re here but now that you are, stay for a while. Come to the dark side; we have Poptarts.

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PROMPT: Flash Fiction Competition 2020

“It really is a shame,” Mr. White says, wiping his mouth with the pocket square he keeps in his three-piece suit. “All this talk about climate change gets me down. Almost makes me feel bad for eating the steak I just had!” He laughs, unaware that you don’t want to be in on the joke. “But hey, what am I going to do about it? Why feel bad when there’s money to be made?”
He reaches into his back pocket...

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Dear Mom: Unsent Letters of One Angsty Queer Child

PROMPT: Letter Writing Competition 2020

June 1, 2020

Dear Mom,
What are your hopes and dreams for me? 
You’ve worked so hard to build a life for both of us in a new country - you've started a business, learned English, and worked 365 days a year. I know you expect some returns for all the time, money and effort you invested in me. I suppose that’s expected, with you being a businesswoman and all. I know you would be proud if I became a...

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