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Hello I am 16 and I love writing. My friends like it as well. I'm an Aries and my best friend is a Capricorn. I want to go into the Forensic field when out of school. I like performing in anything that I can, be it dancing,singing,acting.

Published Work



Deadly but beautiful, calm and wild at the same time.

Song Writing Competition 2019

You say...

You say you love me
bout to prove you wrong
I can be crazy
But only when provoked

Treating me like a wild animal

You love the idea but not me

An Ocean Away

She was a jail bird
He was a warden
They didn't know each other
She had no morals
He had them all
They complimented each other, 
they were fire and ice
She was calculated
He was warm
And only...
An Ocean Away

The Divided Houses

He was a __________. She was a Slytherin. Could they come together to save the world? Voldemort has taken over. The Light has lost. Her parents refuse to let her be near him, his parents would love nothing more to corrupt her. Her core is too dark to be saved, but her parents didn't need to know that. His core was light but tainted, his parents didn't need to know though. She is considered the Beautiful, mysterious darkness to his tortured, tainted light. Can they come together to save their world as they know it, or will fate have other plans?


Must Reads

Hi! I have a small list of must reads, originally I wasn't going to write for this because I love so many different books, I am an avid reader, but... I decided that my opinion should be shared to an audience who actually cares... so here it is:
Title, Author, Genre (in that order)

1. Some Boys, Patty Blount, Young Adult . Romance . Contemporary . Realistic Fiction . Sociology > Abuse
A girl deals with the turmoil of people being rude, but because she is strong, she fights back and eventually wins. A terrible crime was committed against her and instead of laying down she fights. She has doubts because of the things she has lost but, 'no pain no gain' right?

2. Dreamology, Lucy Keating, Young Adult . Contemporary . Romance . Fantasy
Two people entangled in dreams. Neither thought the other was real. Follow this journey of madness, and love.

3. Enders' Game, Orson Scott Card, Young...

Love in Words

Why Do I Love You?

Why do I love you? Is it because you make me smile? Is it because you make me laugh? Is it because you look at me with pure adoration? Is it because you put me before anything else when I'm around you? Is it because your opinion is the only one that matters? Is it because you put up with all the drama going on with boys? Or the fact that we sit just a little too close? Or is it you holding my hand in class when no one is looking? 

I don't know what it is, but I know that I love you. The truth is, I like quite a few guys. I always do right? I have a hard time committing, I fall too easy and I leave to soon. My thing is I've been hurt too many times so I hurt them before they can hurt me. I don't do serious relationships, but with you......


This is inspired by Linkin Park's 'One more light'

Death, it plagues us. It surrounds us. Consumes us. Until we are nothing

Death, it comforts us. When we are in pain. When we need it most, its there. Like a sickly sweet poison.

Death, one's best friend. In their moment of weakness. When they cannot be strong anymore.

Death, it loves us. It makes us feel loved. In a fucked up way, you feel like people may care about you for a small amount of time.


They call her a slut. Hoe. Whore. whatever you want to call it, shes it. She admits it. She owns it.

He doesn't see it. He tries to lift her up, but she just sinks lower. No matter what he does... the only way to raise her up is to agree and leave. She is nothing but a slut. She doesn't care. The people who opinions she cared about... they think it too, even if they deny it.

She can't help the way she is... it's a force that was there when she was born. Nothing you can do about it. She doesn't understand why he doesn't see it or if he does and won't acknowledge it. Everyone who is not her friend does, hell even half of her friends do because they're fake as fuck. She doesn't understand why he's with her. She wants him to wake up and see that she is, always has been, and always will...

Poetry Slam Entry 4

She feels...
She is...

No one sees...
No one knows...
No one cares that shes...

Her friends are...

She fixes their scars to forget her own...
But she knows shes still...

She knows...
She sees...
She feels...
She is...

Everyone ignores the fact that shes...


He sees her for what she is...
He loves her for her brokness...
Because he too is...

Poetry Slam Entry 3:

Torrie: Depressing

Out of energy
Rung through
Ready to quit
Insists on death
Eventually done

Poetry Slam Entry 2:

Torrie: Inspiring


Poetry Slam Entry 1:


Cancer, Many Kinds
A Developer Finds
A Cure
For Her

Cancer, Many Kinds
She Fights
Day And Night
In The Fight For Her Life

Cancer, Many Kinds
She's Young
And Feels
As If Her Neck
Has Been Hung

Cancer, Many Kinds
She Went
Through Kemo
She's Spent
But She Won't Quit
Cause She's A Writer
Who's A Fighter

Dear Player...

Dear Player,
I wrote a song about you last year. You hated me, or at least acted like it. I kept my guard up around you. You tried to break me but you only made me stronger. Fast forward a few months. I texted you for the first time thinking you'd ghost me. I chose to hope. You responded and started flirting. I threw my defenses up. I told you I was broken, that I didn't want any more cracks. You said you wanted to 'grab the glue and put me back together', I believed you.

I let you in, my wall started to crumble. You flirt, you capture the hearts of the wounded, then you break them beyond repair. To you love is just a game, how would you feel if you were broken? You abused me, and I still let you in. I told you in the beginning, I wanted you to be honest. I'm not mad, I'm...

In the House

The Darkness

I chose to write for this topic because in my house, before everything fell apart, I was sort of happy. My parents would always fight after they thought I was asleep. My mom would scream and cry, begging for my dad to talk to her. She always threatened to leave, I never thought she would. Or at least I thought it would last till I got out of the house. I'm kind of glad it happened before that though, because I think if it would have happened after the fact, there would be no home to go back to. The fighting got so bad, I would sit there awake, listening, and eventually fall asleep to the sounds of fighting. I grew up surrounded by the yelling, so now in order to fall asleep, I have to listen to heavy metal like ACDC and others.


Soundtrack to my life

Hi! My name is Victoria but I go by Torrie. This is what my mixtape would be...

Song #1: 'Last first kiss' by One Direction
Song #2: 'They don't know about us' by One Direction
Song #3: 'If walls could talk' by Five Seconds of Summer
Song #4: 'Wake me up' by Avicii
Song #5: 'Lose yourself' by Eminem
Song #6: 'Speechless' by Dan and Shay
Song #7: 'Last of the real ones' by Fall out boy
Song #8: 'Secrets' by One Republic
Song #9: 'Queens don't' by Raelynn
Song #10: 'Friends don't' by Maddie and Tae
Song #11: 'Rock god' by Selena Gomez
Song #12: 'Our song' by Taylor Swift

This is my "mix-tape" because these songs I grew up with or I feel speak to me. Songs #2,4,11, and 12 I grew up listening to as a kid, there was no pointless 'kiddie music' for me, from the time I could talk I would sing along to the...

Personal Essay Competition: Making Change 2018

How I change the world

Hello, my name is Victoria Watkins, I am 15 years old. I like to think that even though I can not change the whole world I can change my little corner of the world. I like to clean up the Environment in my free time, My friends all think that its cool but they never want to join me. I work on these projects with Girl Scouts to make the earth cleaner. I also am kind to everyone because I believe that if you spread kindness then you can make someone's day. Something else I do is when I see someone sitting alone I sit with them just to make sure they feel included. Many people are always saying they are a good person because they do all these amazing things, but I believe that you need to practice what you preach. I say that I help out in the Environment and I do. 

The people who live on the...