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we are all made of stardust.

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Hey all. Name's star_girl, game's writing. Marvel, Throne of Glass. Harry Potter. Guardians of the Galaxy. Mixtapes are my forte. Hope you like what I have.

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Hey all,

Just thought I'd celebrate my first week on this site with a post on how it went. Well... my friend rosemarywisdom recommended this site to me last Friday and so far I've seen that this is one of THE MOST AWESOME COMMUNITIES EVER xox love you all and thanks for your comments on my piece Anything and Everything (NEW UPDATE COMING SOON!)

Thanks a lot,

P.S: If my username sounds familiar from one of rosemarywisdom's Q&As, I was looking for username inspiration and she gave this to me, and I liked it.

Anything and Everything: Prologue







our stories.

This is my story. I suppose since it is a story, I should start at the very beginning. Way back when... well, let's just say none of this happened.

Believe what you want. You cannot escape fate. 

Been told that my whole life. 

Believe what I want. I cannot escape fate.

But I can tempt it.