United States of America

"I don't even know my own self, so who can know me?"
- Min Yoongi

Published Work


What was once life is now in the palm of our hands
It's body perfectly structured
Only to be crushed
By sharp knives that takes out the best
Again and again
Until its use is no longer needed

Words are formed by the pressure you bring it
Either noting down something important
Or your silly notes that aren't considered important
All of our secrets are kept within it's charcoal
Trapping those very words deep inside of themselves

It is us who chooses
When and if people should see
See it's creation that is often left uncredited
But it does not mind
After all, a simple object is making history
If not for millions, then for billions


We're a world of Penguins
Our heads always raised to the skies
Floating on cloud 9
Flapping around our spirits

Our eyes seek flight
Yet our body stayed glued down
Impossible dreams in arms reach
Our minds clouded with false hope

The world is our hell
Our flaws and burdens buried beneath
Dirt and grass disguised as our euphoria
The land covered in nightmares

Above is our heaven
Where light destroys our demons
Love being the last stop
On this roller coaster

Our minds knows all
Accepting what we can't reach alive
Our bodies still wishing
For what's for the dea. 

Spring Day

The darkness takes a while to disappear
Leaving us in this long cold lonely state
Forcing us into never ending fear
Tricking us further in the cage with bait
The ice is slowly seeking in the heart
Lives slowly breaking from reality
Destroying our memories like it's art
The end of life beginning with a tree
Light finally shining through the dark clouds
Waking everyone up from their deep sleep
Finally able to escape the crowds
The fresh air suddenly does not feel cheap
No one to blame, it's time for a new part.
Spring day is the day for life to restart

Who's Right?

Fly North for Freedom
Fly South for Imprisonment
In This Fight, Who's Right?

Let's Play A Game

Red and black marks the battleground
Shadows of heroes appear in the background
The leaders decide every move taken
Waiting for their chance to be reawaken
Pawns used as bait
The knight swoop in to protect
The rook straightly coming in to save those in need
The bishop waits, giving advice to the Queen and King
Each have a role in this game of life or death
Step by step someone wins or loses
In the end, there are no excuses

Bottom's Dream

Eyes, do you see what I see
Such a rare vision
In the O grim night, moon shining
There cursed me with an ass head
Half his face deceiving me
Name what I am

In truth, I cannot abide
Fright voices call forth, "Away, go away"
Man by man pull out weapons
Where are their hearts?
Blink through mine eyne!
Take my pain
My eyes water ever now

Methinks I was not perfect
But I can do any man's heart good
That will never please them
I am no true

My life will fall
No more pity of your people
No harm to this patched fool
Please, write me a dream
Write me a ballad of this dream

Methought, "Die now"
But hark, a voice: my own
Little company, hear me
I will roar in a little monstrous voice
"Let him name his name"
I was not afread

Gently stir me to Bottom's Dream

My Name

    My name has 6 letters as do my meanings. I can mean languid. I can mean relaxed. I can mean weary. I can mean ruler, tire, meadow, or even house of the rising sun. The spelling of my name is the American form of Leah. Known from the Bible as the first wife of Jacob The eldest daughter of Laban. Not the most important, yet not unadorned.
    I am blue but also pink. I am masculine but also feminine. I am up in the sky, yet in your mouth like popping like bubble gum. I stand for sensitivity and trust. I am compassionate and affectionate. I represent love but also power. I am the opposite of myself. 
    My name never shall be changed as it's unique. The pronunciation may not be so, but the spelling is. It's not often you'll have Leigha spell the way it is. If I had any other, I would...

Five Endings

The End for All Those Souls

With one last heartwarming glance at one another, the five boys strode with one another through the white senseless fog where their next lives is a new adventure. 

Just like that, we're lead down different roads. Our moments together were perfect, only meant to be memories of the past. Mistakes learned and pasted on towards other relationships, becoming better people. Even though we never forgot about one another, there is always a place in the heart for one another. In the future, we may even meet again. 

It was then that the world was graced with the most monstrous monster on the planet.

With one final breath from his lips, he wrapped his arms around his lover's cold body as the water engulfed them. Forever is just a moment away. 

"Please," she pleaded, arms raised out for the disappearing figure. "Don't leave me."


    I am the one that hides in the background, minding my own business. I am neither a leader nor a follower. There are times that I appear, and other times I don’t. It all depends on the day, the moment and the mood. I’m only a mystery until you see me. When you do see me, you’ll realize how unique I am. I am shadow afterall.
    There’s not enough interest to be outdoors, so I rather stay inside. You see I’m more introverted in a way. I rather be reserved than open, so people can actually try to see who I really am. All my secrets or issues shall either be solved by myself, die with me or remain with my close ones. My personality isn’t as dark as I seem but I don’t stand out right away. I am awkward. Words often leave my head once engaged with another. My mind is spinning, not knowing what direction to...