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shout-out to the_enclave, Brielle P. Chor, Chloe :) <3, Wicked! and Vinter Vejen for their amazing pieces for my contest!

if pieces go unpublished i either hate them or have submitted them to a literary magazine!

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nine ways to actualization | writing streak week 1 day 2

PROMPT: Writing Streak Challenge - Week 1

break me;
(i)    years ago 
i may have been a seed but somewhere
along that slope i began dancing on gravestones & i think 
i still remember being eight & scared when

the man whose ashes
i stepped on lied because 
he was anything but part of my 
imagination, & though his send-away had been 
improper, the
ganges siphoned away any remnants of purity from his skin.
but mostly he was just very old. 

(ii)    i just might be...

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