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dae | 17 | pisces
I really like books (esp. Carry On), Trollhunters, Kpop, and cats. And I draw alot.

Published Work

Inevitable: A Snowbaz Fanfiction

We’re in the car and Baz hasn’t spoken since he told me to get in.
I’ve no idea where we’re headed—
Baz wouldn’t say.
He’s a bit more fidgety than usual, and
he wouldn’t say why either.

It’s a long drive, curving roads and
trees trees.
There’s a sign and then
we’re driving past a train station
into the countryside
turning onto smaller and smaller roads
until there’s barely gravel.

Baz turns off the car and smiles at me,
nervous and genuine.
C’mon Snow, opening his door, turning off the engine,
and I follow him back into the woods.

I can tell he wants me to talk
that it’s driving him nuts not knowing.
I smirk, glad for darkness, but pull out my wand to light Simon’s path
so he doesn’t trip over a stump or something else blaringly obvious.

Deeper in, and there’s a clearing
not as scorched as it once was but
you can tell.